Friday, 16 April 2010

Cakes & Cakes - 2 Column Template - why not make your own funky header?

click for a live preview

If you want to make your own header, go right ahead (you should make a transparent PNG file). I made an example that you can see how it may look here:

Make my own header?

To successfully make your own header, follow the following guides:
  • Make the header a transparent .png file (so you can see the spotty bg behind it)

  • You can make transparent pngs with my favourite online image editor Pixlr (yes, it's FREE and quite comparable to Photoshop).

  • You want to allow about 100px to 150px transparent "padding" above the text (within in the image I'm talking) so that it's going to be aligned within the spotty bit. If you don't put this padding in and try to insert the header image, it's not going to be in the right place and will look WEIRD! I hope that makes sense, leave me a comment if it doesn't and I'll try to explain more.

  • As always, upload your header image by clicking on: LAYOUT > PAGE ELEMENTS and then clicking "Edit" in the header area. You want to upload your header image, but ensure you DON'T HAVE "shrink to fit" selected. Also make sure you HAVE "instead of title & description" selected.
Click here for visual instructions (much easier to understand). Enjoy.

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