Thursday, 20 February 2014

6th Grade Rebellion - Free 2 column template

I made this template tonight and I really wanted to share it because I thought it was kind of cool and unusual and I thought I better move fast before the chalkboard look is out (or is it out already? NOOOO IT'S NOT!).

And before you say anything - I KNOW that most people don't like darker websites but I don't give a damn (a whiteboard is no where near as rustic and cute as a chalkboard, people!), so here we are:

Click for a live preview

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Pater Pansies - Also, it has been 2 years, I hope you are still out there???


Wow, I CANNOT believe I haven't posted anything on this site for 2 years. It's so crazy! Where on earth has time gone? Anyway, who knows where time goes sometimes but I wanted to pop my head back in and see if anyone is still reading this site, if anyone is still visiting and to see if anyone wants free Blogger templates any more? :)

I know that a lot of the hints/tips etc on this site that I wrote years ago are now no longer valid or useful (thanks for changing everything, Blogger) but I am keen to work through them and perhaps focus on offering some really nice free templates.

I have made a template for you today - it's called Peter Pansies and it's cute!
Please note that this template comes with a blank header image which means you will have to make this yourself. Your blog title/description will not show up until you edit this image in a graphics program like Photoshop, GIMP or a free online web-based one (I like pixlr! Bonus: it's free!).

For now (until I update this site), you can find installation instructions HERE, and help on installing your header image HERE.  

And if you're new to making your own header image, or don't know how to do that, I have some hints here.

Click to view a live preview site
A couple of random things about this template:
  • The fonts I have used in the test site header image are Esteban for the header and Homemade Apple for the sub-heading. Both are free from google fonts.
    If you like the kind of thing I have made in the test site, you'll be able to re-create it using those fonts too!
  • The background colour is changeable and the pattern will show up regardless!
    To change the background colour, just go to the TEMPLATE tab in Blogger and click on the orange "customize" button. Scroll down to advanced options and you'll be able to change the background colour there. Any questions, let me know.


How are you doing? Is there anyone out there?

Even if you're not interested in this template or today is your first time here -- please leave me a comment to say hello! (please?)

I dare you! :P

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Disqus Comment Users: keep your comments synced!

If you are using Disqus comments, you really should ensure you are keeping your comments 'synced' with Blogger.

What does this even mean?
It means, to put it plainly, that your comments are being published via Disqus but are also being "backed up" to Blogger.

Why should I do this?
You should do this because if you ever take your Disqus comments away, you will have your Blogger comments there behind-the-scenes as backup.  

Who knows, maybe Blogger will get their act together and introduce some awesome comment system and you'll want to go back.  If you ever decide you don't want to use Disqus any more, you obviously don't want to lose your comments now do you??

Let me answer that for you: NO!

(This is why I do not like Intense Debate.  You do not have that option! Use Intense Debate and wish to return to Blogger? SORRY, but your comments are a goner)

So if you have Disqus all installed and working well, here is how to make sure that your comments are and stay synced. 

Log into Disqus and click on your site.

STEP 2: 
Make your way to the TOOLS and then IMPORT/EXPORT area and click on "Blogger" (see below)

Click for a larger preview

When you sync your Disqus comments, you may receive emails from Blogger saying you have a new comment - this is normal and just means the comments are coming over.  This means (as far as I know!) that if you have 1000 comments to sync, you are going to get 1000 emails! WOWSERS!

My advice is to therefore to turn off email notification on your comments from within Blogger until this is complete! Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)

STEP 3: You now want to click on "Enable" in the 'Keep new comments synced' area (see below)
Click for a larger preview
This is where things got interesting for me.  I had 29 comments to sync and it got stuck on number 16.  I clicked the link to re-sync remaining comments but I went around in a big circle and it would not sync them. I waited a day or so and tried again and it was fine (must have been a Disqus glitch at the time). See the orange highlighted bit below.....

You can always contact Disqus for help if this happens to you too and I believe they can fix it.
Obviously if you have a lot of comments it may take a long time. You can check the status of it in this area.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Stripes and Stuff

Chevron stripes seem to be everywhere these days (they are the "bunting" of 2011!) and I think they are ok.  Sometimes they can hurt your eyes! Anyway, I like the look of light grey and white chevrons and made this template.  I have included the blank header image, so if you want to go to town and make a fancier header - do it!


PS: Have used the "Sansita One" font in this template (from Google Fonts).  I am just so in love with Google fonts right now. xx

(click above for a live demo)

Download Now

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dotty & Spotty

I was feeling a bit retro-ish today (like most days when I have time to sit down and pick a mood) and this was a template I had in the wings from a couple of years ago that never quite got finished.
It's a dark backgrounded template - which is not something I usually do - but I love the yellow dots, the brown background and the blue highlights.  I hope you like it too! <3

(click above for a live demo)

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