Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saw A Ship - Cute Sailor Template

Hey! Who said I never make any "boy" templates?

Well, if you said that, you are WRONG! Here's one here - well, admittedly it's still kinda cutesy. But it's blue and it has a picture of a boat.... so that's probably as masculine as I am going to do. I hope someone, somewhere likes it.

And YES! I plan on making some different colours and different looks, cos I like this kinda thing a lot. If you find your header doesn't fit in well, then you may have to change the font size in the "Fonts & Colours" area of Blogger.

(click for a live preview)


  1. I love this, especially with the blue. If you do another, how about one with a white text area?

  2. Mmm, this makes me want to go sailing! Great template!

  3. hey, I love this template!!! I was listening to this song the other day and I totally got hooked to it...the song was called this is the close I can get to a water template... :DDD thanks!! I love it!


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