Friday, 5 March 2010

Thank you!

I just want to write a quick entry and say that I read a lot of blogs.
(but I am pretty crap at commenting)

Sometimes I click on links to blogs and have a mini burst of joy when I see someone is using one of my templates.

It's my favourite thing, ever! But I don't have anyone to tell who would really be that interested.

It totally makes my day.

So I just want to say thank you for using my templates, thank you for leaving me nice comments. Thank you for your lovely emails.

I just need more time in my day to make more templates.



  1. You have the most unique, creative, and FREE templates on the internet. I changed the colours, but I love it. Without you, my blog would be so boring. Thank YOU.

  2. I love your templates!, your desings are so cool
    I use them all the time :)


  3. I the template I use of yours. I have hand meny friends say "I really like your new look, its so you" And the fact that I am a stay at home mom of 4, and don't even have the money to get my hair cut...makes your template even so much more wonderful, cause its free. what a blessing!
    I hope you can stop by and have a look at the Joy you have given me. :)

  4. I only use your templates. No one else has the style I like!!

  5. You really have very cute templates, I want to use one too. :))))))))))))))

    thnk you for making it free too :DD

  7. I'm using one of your templates! I love how it is compatible with blogger! Now I just need to add a nice header and some cute buttons and it will be perfect!

  8. No, thank you!!!
    Just last night I found your templates. I have used 5 (yes, I'm a blogaholic) straight away!!! Here they are if you want to take a look...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. They're gorgeous. :)

  9. Just came across your templates and I love them! Only I can't download them for some reason. The connection times out and says the link is no longer valid. Do you know what could be going on?

    Thanks! I really want to use some of your layouts. By far the most adorable!

  10. Sharnee, while I have yet to use your gorgeous templates I LOVE your work and have learned soooo much from your tutorials. You rule! Thanks soooo very much for all you do.

    BTW...I LOVE reading your blog. So fun. You're a good writer!

    Love & Rockets,

  11. I also use one of your template for my new blog. really love it! Thank u!

  12. Hey, although most of the templates are a little more feminine, I actually use one of them for my fatherhood blog ( It's great. Thanks.

    (By the way, do you want people to change the link at the bottom from suckmylolly to yummylolly?)

  13. I use two of your templaes for my two blogs ! They are the most beautiful I've found and it has been quite easy to customize them.
    Thanks for sharing your work !

  14. Thank you for providing us with these great layouts! I really appreciate it!

  15. I LOVE your templates, I got the link from my senior's blog. And believe me, they are AWESOME! Keep it up!

  16. Thanks for the cool nice templates. luv it :)


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