Monday, 14 April 2008

Cherries 'n Stars - free Blogspot XML template

(click image for a live preview)
  • To download the xml template: click here (zip)
  • Preview the site here
  • Need help installing this? Click here
I have had this background stored away for the last few years but I have no idea who it's by. The background image can be found here. I originally downloaded it (the background) as a MySpace template, which makes me think that it's OK for non-commercial. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

Note: the inner background colour and the border colour is completely customisable from within the "Colours & Fonts" area.


  1. I love your designs. Always refreshing and clean :) Not the same old, same old! Thanks!

  2. hi there...
    thanx for sharing ur designs.
    I've downloaded this design and edited it. feel free to visit :)

  3. Thanks so much for these great templates! I finally figured out how to make them work!
    happy day!

  4. terimakasih banyak, anda telah menyediakan thema gratis untuk didown load!


  5. how can i get the codes?
    i cant open the xml codes!
    please email me!

  6. How do I remove the description, and place the name of my blog?


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