Monday, 14 April 2008

Pink Boudoir - free XML blogger template

Here's a free powder-pink cute 3 column blogger template! So cute! Hope you like it!

(click image for a live preview)
  • To download the xml template: click here (zip)
  • Preview the site here
  • Need help installing this? Click here


  1. Hi Sharnee.
    This is so cute, but i've using boon at the moment and your new designs makes me feel to changing template all the time. anyway all the best, this is awesome!

  2. hello sharnee
    each time i come by ur site i am so impressed with the blog templates you have here. And it is of no surprise that poth my blogs have your template.
    thank you so much!

  3. this is very cute! i hope you'll have more 3 columns layout in the future! thanks! :D

  4. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I really like your designs. I was looking through some blogs one day and saw your little emblem stating you could personalize your own page and that's how I found you! I chose the new black scrolly for one of my blogs and am still looking for the just right one for our family blog. I need something not too feminine or masculine that would suit the whole family. I look forward to seeing all your new stuff. Good Job! ~Kristy

  5. ooh, this one is great! If you ever make it into 2-column I will be even more excited. :D

  6. hey you're templates are so cute! i just adore them! thanks so much for sharing them!

  7. hi..
    just wanna ask, why my friends cannot leave comments even i have select show the comments ?

  8. Hi Little Princess,

    I don't know why that's happened. You should try clicking on "Reset Widget Template to default" under LAYOUT >> EDIT HTML - this link is under the big box of code


  9. thanks i did that.. or maybe there's any timestamp format that i should follow or change ?

    bcuz some of designs i used before have to change the comments timestamp format, then only the comments will appear.

    any advice ? thanks and really appreciate it..

  10. Hi again Little Princess.... I'm stumped as to why this is happening.... I'm honestly not sure exactly why it would still be a problem. Just make sure the comments are "on" under the comments section.

    Take a look at the blogger help forum maybe.

    Sorry I can't be of more help!

  11. nice . . .
    please back link to me . . .

  12. I am so glad I found your site :) I absolutely love your designs :) I am giving your Pink Boudoir template a try on a blog I just created. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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