Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Notebook Scribbles

Hello strangers - how are you all?

Here we have a scalloped-edged template with a cute paper grid background and loads of cursive scribbles (both in the Pacifico font I have used) and some little embellishments within the design.

I have also included some little sidebar widget "buttons" (buttons without borders!) which you can feel free to use.  You just have to insert these as a "Picture" widget and link to whatever URL you want it to link to!  Any questions, let me know, but it's very straightforward!

I hope you like this one. 


  1. I like it a lot!!!!!

  2. Hello I admire your site and wanted to ask you a template to have a baby boy four months and would like a free template to put on my blog

  3. Love it!!! Thank you. :)

  4. Love the template. If I download one of your templates - is there a way to change colors or to add things?

  5. I really like your templates,thanks for making them. I like the scalloped edges and fonts,they're nice. :)
    Amber @

  6. @abb: if you want to change the colour of the background etc you will have to edit the images (as the colour is a part of the images). If you want to change the colours of the text, you can find this under DESIGN > TEMPLATE DESIGNER. Then click on the advanced tab.

  7. Hi Sharnee, I'm using the pages widget (as a menu bar) and I would love to center it or even center it under the header. I've been trying to do it, but I can't figure it out. LOL. Is there a way to do this? info (at) blogsbylatinas (dot) com


  8. Hi Monique,

    Thanks for your comment on :)

    Yes, there is a way to center the pages links!

    1) You need to log in to your blog and go to the HTML window (big box full of html code)

    2) Scroll down until you find this code:

    /* ---( layout structure )---*/
    #outer-wrapper {
    width: 990px;
    margin: 0px auto 0;
    text-align: left;
    background: url( repeat-y;

    3) under this code, paste this:

    .PageList {text-align:center !important;}
    .PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

    4) hit preview and it should center the links!

    5) If they are centered on the preview, click save!

  9. Hola muchas gracias por tus trabajos tan bonitos, podrías decirme el nombre de la fuente (letra) de este tema? es preciosa la fuente...

    Otra cosa, as pensado en hacer plantillas para los canales de youtube?
    un beso y muchas gracias por todo!

  10. thanks ! ilovethis!

  11. Hi, I tried to change the background color, but couldn't do it.. can u guide me please..

  12. nice template i want to build my website on this address so i need any type of template... plz

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    so i need any type of template... plz

  14. Hi! :) I just recently used this template for my blog. It's just the way I wanted it. Thank you very much. :)

    May I know how you did with the Facebook and Twitter link as portrayed in the demo? I would like to have those too. :)

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  17. This..what i'm looking for.Thanks so much for making this simple&cute templates. <3 it so!

  18. Hi Sharnee,

    I was wondering if there was a way to have the Heading titles changed to Pacifico? on my blog my post titles are fine, but when I use the Headings style it is just a regular font. I would also like the heading for my widgets to use Pacifico as

  19. Hello! I'm really excited for this theme! I guess I'm your new fan now! Can I request from you something? I want to promote my tumblr, do you have any photos like Follow Me On Tumblr? I really want that! And where do you edit them too? Thanks!

  20. Hey, I used this template for my blog! Thank you! :D

  21. hi Sharnee,

    i'm using this templates on my blog now. and i'm lovin it. thank you so much. :)

  22. I've been using this template on my blog and I love it! Thanks!
    Upper Grades Are Awesome

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    1. sorry already got the answer :) thanks anyway

  24. I will use this on my blog! Super cute I love it!!! Thank you <3

  25. I wonder how do I enable the option "answer" in the comments.
    Thank you

  26. Love this template! I was wondering if you could make a "follow me on pinterest" side bar image for me to match the layout?
    Thanks a bunch!!

  27. please, can you make a "subscribe my youtube channel" side bar image? thank you so much! :D

  28. Hi, I wanted to know if you could also make a "follow me on WordPress" and a "follow me on Tumblr" widget? Thanks!

    Auf wiedersen,

  29. Hey! I'm so sorry but could you please download this theme for me? I'll email you my password and email! Thank u :)

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  31. This looks great, using it for my blog :) thank you!


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