Thursday, 21 July 2011

This is a present for you! A present for me? What a nice surprise!

Hello everyone! I have been a bit of a sucky friend to you all.  And I am sorry about that.

To kiss and makeup, I have a giveaway!

Well, maybe present is a better term.  Yes, for 12 hours I will be offering a free template from

visit demo site

This template is normally $15 to purchase but I am giving it away FREE.

Inside the zip folder is the .xml template, the blank header image, instructions on how to install and the site images.  More info on how to install can be found at

Terms & Conditions:
Please be aware that my T&C strictly apply and this is for personal use by an individual only.  You may not share it with anyone, it is my gift to you.  If I find you have abused this gift, I will be very cranky.

Please read the terms and conditions of use here.
Under absolutely, positively no circumstances may you make it to re-sell or re-distribute.

 THE OFFER HAS NOW ENDED! Thanks to everyone who contacted me :)


  1. That is gorgeous!!

    I wonder, is it available in different colours or just the nice pale blue?

  2. Just sent an email! I love this template!

  3. Yay for a beautiful, free, template! Thank you!!!

  4. Simple but elegant work and thanks for sharing it!

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  6. i really like this template, how i can get it. thanks a lot


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