Wednesday, 29 December 2010

She May Adore Me - Blogger Template with BONUS BUTTONS!

This was a half-made template I have had in the wings for a while... I was never quite sure how to finish it off. I have just noticed in the last week or two that Google Font Directory has grown even bigger (YAY!) and they have added more fonts, including the font I have used in this template 'Mountains of Christmas'. So I think I found a perfect match for the black tree in the header image as the font is kind of spindly like the tree!

If you don't like the font that I have used in this template, please feel free to change it (more information on how to do that here). Basically it's just a matter of looking for where I have used the 'Mountains of Christmas' font and replacing it with another font name - from Google Font directory - you want to use.

(click above for a live preview)


I have made some buttons for your sidebar that match this blog template. You may chose to use them away from this template, that is fine. The only rules are that they can be used for any purpose but you may not distribute them or sell them.

I have made 12 buttons - facebook, twitter, myspace (do people still use that? I'm not sure), email etc.

Some examples?

Download the buttons here

Please don't direct link from those images above - please download the button set and upload them to your blog (you can go to the DESIGN tab and then PAGE ELEMENTS and select the 'Picture' widget. Just add the URL too, and it will link).

Any questions, let me know.

Enjoy xx


  1. Why does the font look different when I click for a live preview?

  2. Hi Foundmercy - I don't know why the text would look different - I have tested it in Opera, Safari, Firefox, IE 8,7 etc and it all looks good - even on an iPad and iPhone. Perhaps you are using an older browser??

  3. hyee,
    this is very niceee ^_^

    (if i use the blockquote, the word will turn into beautiful font, isn't it ?)

    but i just want to know,
    the first time i use the blockquote, its working.
    but the second time, the beautiful font did not appear and i need to do it on my own (i mean i need to copy paste the code)
    can you help me solve the problem?

    i just love it very muchh ,

  4. Hi there, "owner of the blog' - I just did a test post on this template and the blockquotes are working fine:

    Sometimes blockquotes can be tricky. You are best to put your text in FIRST and then select the text and click the blockquotes button LAST. That way the formatting will be correct. I have had this problem you mention before but it's nothing to do with the template, it's just Bloggers crappy editor (and where it puts the code).

    So my hint: put all text in and then select text for blockquotes LAST. will work and it;s the easiest way.

  5. ps: owner of the blog.... if you are using the fancy font for blockquotes then YES you will need to copy the code each time as you're making your own style of blockquotes.

    If you want to add the font to the blockquotes you will have to edit the html code.

    Good luck!

  6. ^_^
    thanks for your information,

    if you dont mind, can you teach me how to edit the html code, so that i dont need to copy paste the code each time i want to use the blockquote.

    if this request trouble you, never mind :) thanks for the sweeeet template. i'm waiting for your next template.

  7. hi sharnee...a template of 'She May Adore Me' was so cute. But i'm so frustrated because i can't upload the xml template. So many times i had try, but didn't work. Hope you can help me or give the new xml or url. Thanks so very much.

  8. Adorei este template, instalei no meu blog, todos estão gostando. Parabéns e obrigada!!!

  9. Hi, I'm trying to use your buttons for my blog but when I upload them, they're a totally different shade of pink, size and alignment to the original buttons (i.e. about me) Is there a way to fix this?

    Please help!! :)

  10. Thank you for the graphics! <3

  11. I really love this template! <3

  12. how can i make others button with different teks?

  13. Hello i dowmload these template but unfortunately the photos doesnt fit..

  14. hi sharnee could you help me? i already have tried tried & tried but it didn't work anymore. i couldn't get the xml or url of she may adore me. hopefully you can inform me the link.

    e-mail :

    thanks :)

  15. Thankss!
    May I get this one? :))


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