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I can be contacted by leaving a comment on this post.

Please note that due to the large volume of mails I receive, I am no longer able to respond to every query. If you have technical questions, why not look at the Google/Blogger help forums >> here.

Nov 2010: I am sorry if you have emailed me at my previously listed freebloggerdesigns@ email address. Unfortunately it was choked to death by SPAM. If you need to get ahold of me then please write to sales(at)

Please be aware that I will not respond to technical queries (ie: how to install/download etc a template) nor will I respond to custom template requests. I do not have time so please do not be offended if I do not respond to your email.



  1. Hi Sharnee,
    Thanks for sharing your talent. I love my new bloggy look and I placed your button on my page. I can't wait to hear the (positive) comments about my new layout. Love it!

  2. hey sharnee!

    i sent an email to you.
    hope you reply ASAP!

  3. Hey Sharnee,
    I simply Love my new layout. You are a sweet heart for sharing your templates for free. I would like to get into web designing. Can you share any tips??? or can you point me in the right direction. What tools, software etc, do use.

  4. Hi Sharnee! Just wanted to let you know I sent you an email asking if you do custom work with one of your templates. Thanks!

  5. Hi! I'm currently using the Candy Template on my blog (& have been for months! love it!), & today I noticed that the background of the Blog Title image no longer blends with the background of the rest of the page. Instead it is an off-white (not the peach color with white stars). This never happened before, so I just wanted to let you know! Thanks!!!

  6. Don & Amanda,
    I'm sorry to hear this... I have no idea why this would have happened. I've tested the template in various versions of IE and Firefox and it seems to be displaying perfectly for me. If you keep having problems.... let me know more info.

    Grrr to blogger.


  7. Sharnee --

    Well, at least it sounds like it's only a problem with my computer! weird, though! I use firefox, but always have! I'll just let some time go by & see if it corrects itself ;)

    Thanks!!! And thanks for making my blog look so nice :)


  8. Don & Amanda,
    I wasn't sure what the URL of your blog was but email me if you want to show me your blog so I can make sure nothing funny is going on :-)

  9. Hey Sharnee,
    I have been using the retro green template for a long time and love it! I have tried using tips from the forums to make the template into 3 columns, but I can't get it to work. Do you have any suggestions?


  10. just want to say thanks for the help with installing my new blog template, it looks beatutiful now!

  11. what happened to all the classic templates?

  12. Jimah: they've gone. They are so different in different web browsers. And pretty obsolete now. Sorry :-(

  13. I'm just in the process of starting my first blog and having all of these gorgeous designs to use was a blessing! Thanks so much for all the hard work and I look forward to seeing more great layouts.

  14. Hello Sharnee, I'm shasha. I can't upload the template. can you help me ? :'(

  15. Hi Sharnee.
    Just uploaded my first blogger template to my blog. It's your "it's retro baby" template. SO CUTE!
    Can you point me in the right direction so that I can figure out how to customized the "link here" tabs at the top? I looked in your FAQ and browsed some of your previous posts, but didn't see anything. Am I overlooking it?
    Thanks so much!!


  16. Just wondering, what font is "yummy lolly" in on your current layout?

  17. Anon: the font is called LT Chickenhawk xox

  18. Hi Sharnee,

    do you also make (paid) custom templates? For example, if I send you some things I would like in a template regarding header, colors, content and layout..could you make a custom template for me?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


  19. Hi Pearl,
    Have you had a look at my pre-made templates on I don't have a lot of time to do custom work but send me an email and I'll see what I can do:

  20. Sharnee, I love your work and currently i'm using the template "PAPER DOLLS #2" on my Blog, but i'm having troubles with the new "read more" option in blogger, How can I fix it? Thank you so much and I'm sorry for my bad english :P, Thanks!

  21. Hi Sharnee,

    I used one of your templates and really love how my site now looks (I'm getting lots of compliments). Thanks for being such a great designer!


  22. hallo! I'm using on of your templats (3ercolumns). But I hope, you an HELP me on this:
    The "Backlinks" are not viewable under the comment (I know about one blogger-post, who linked one of my posts). In the configuration for "Post" in Blogger is "Backlink" set enabled and on google-blogger-help I can't find an answer oder html-code to add.
    Sorry about grammar etc., hope you will understand the meaning of this post,I'm obviosly not a native english speaker oder writer :)

    with greetings

  23. Hi Sharnee,
    Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic blog templates.
    It was just what I was looking for.

  24. hi sharnee!
    i just love ur template!
    i hve just downloaded ur COOKIE TOP template!

    but i have problem with the blog title.
    i dont know how to get rid of the 'BLOG TITLE HERE'.
    I want to change it to my blog name but i cnt find the HTML code.did i overlook it?

    thanks alot.


  25. Hi there,
    Love your retro templates! I have installed the 1950's Slumber Party one and love it but I'm wondering if there's a way to make it 3-columned. I know there are fairly simple hacks for Blogger templates to make them 3-column... is the template based on Minima or another? I would like a 3-column page!

  26. Hi Suzannah,
    thanks for the message. Maybe I will make a 3 column 1950s Slumber Party template and post it up on I'll try and do it within the next few days! It is relatively easy to change templates, but that one has specific images which need to be re-sized.


  27. Hi Sharnee,
    Sorry to ask again... I have been playing around with templates and I think I've settled on the Pretty Grey one. I do use a 3-column template, though... can you create a 3-column version? Thank you!!!!!! It is so hard to find simple, classy layouts.

  28. Hey Sharnee,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your wonderful templates. I grabbed one of yours and customized the heck out of it with beautiful results. It was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I've been pointing people to the site. Thank you again for sharing these with us, you saved me so many headaches!

  29. Just wanted to say thanks for having this fabulous resource for templates! So helpful and a great start for creativity. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone =)

  30. Hey i have problems to download your templates. any idea to solve this problem ?

  31. I really love your pink flower template, but I would really love if it had three columns! Is there any way to do this?

    -thanks for reading!

  32. great designs!
    u've ended my quest of searching the new xml blogger template!

  33. Hi, i have a question, how can i change the backround color of the template "dont be afraid of color"
    I really like this template, but violet don't like me, so, f you can, tell me how, thanks.

    (sorry if my english sucks, im from argentina)

  34. I really like your work. I just started a new blog, and I'll be posting some free templates for my readers. I am teaching how to blog and why for newbies in portuguese. So after seen your work, I would like to ask you if you exchange links?

    let me know.

  35. I love your work, and was wondering if you could do a leopard print template? I particularly love pink leopard prints and one of those would be awesome!

  36. hey I was wondering if there was any way I could possibly pay you to make a layout just for me? Let me know if that is possible, thanks so much!


  37. I've been searching for the 3 column (2 to the right) blog template and I see it's what you use for your blog. Is this template available as well? I love your work! THanks so much!!

  38. Just wanted to leave a note to say that I love your templates! Keep up the good work! I'll definitely be linking you from my blog. :)

  39. I have download the design "GothamCity" everything went so easy to install but some days later the colourful sides have disappeared!!!
    How could this had happend? The only thing I have doen it to includ the meta name, but I removed it and the sides where still
    disappeared..... Please help me, what can the problem be?

    You can go and have a look at

  40. I mean
    NOT blogstop (don´t know what went wrong in my brain)

  41. Hi Camilla,

    I can see the code you added. This code you added is making the background not load!

    You should try removing the line of code you added above:

    /* Variable definitions

    .... and it will work.

    So remove this:



    ... and click preview and you'll see it's ok. Is there another place you can paste that code?


    PS: my email is

  42. Hi! I want to say that your templates are absolutely amazing. They are really awesome ^^
    I used one of your creations and I change it, but I kept the credits and I also mentioned your great job on my blog.

    Keep doing things so great. From now on I'm your fan :D !


  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Gooosh, you are the best! Your templates are really amazing. I love all of them and I wish I could have one different blog to any template.
    It was hard to decide, but I choose the Whimsy vII one to use on my blog. Soooo cute!
    You are sweet for share your art with everyone! Thanks a lot! And most of all, congratulations for the work!

    Check my blog to see if everything is how it supposed to be, ok?
    And please, I'm sorry for my very bad english. I'm talking from Brasil, and I'm not an expert in your language!

    Kisses :*

  45. Grazie! Thanks for your beautiful template!
    Saluti sall' Italia!

  46. I'm using the ilovecandy template (which I LOVE) but I can't rearrange the widgets and commments don't work. If I use another template of your's, everything works. I'm using the Frilly one in the meantime

  47. Hello! I am using your heartbreak template and absolutely love it! It took me forever to find one I really like, and this one is wonderful. You do great work!

    I have added the page break option as I want to be able to show summaries of my recent posts on my front page. I was just wondering if there is any way that I would make a graphic to have the read more, labels and number of comments all in one block underneath the post? Thanks so much!

  48. Hi Sharnee!

    I was wondering how I could change the fonts on one of your templates (I use Hey Little Sweetie)



  49. Hi Sharnee,

    Thank you for your lovely templates. I just downloaded the 3-column 1950s slumber party. I added a gadget, and when I hit "save," the "Labels" & "Blog Archives" gadgets disappeared. The gadgets were still in the layout, but not visible on the blog. I tried removing them, and replacing, but nothing changed. Any other gadget is visible, but not those two. Any ideas?


  50. HI Sharnee,

    Just so you know, I did re-upload the template, but the same thing happened. However, I did discover that I can only add any other gadget to the right column. The left column will show only one gadget, as long as it is neither "labels" nor "blog archive." Thank you!!

  51. Hi Antique Newbie: I think this has something to do with the new functionality that Blogger has introduced whereby you can save your widgets and upload a new template without losing them. I have just noticed this in the last few hours and I am trying to get my head around how it will affect the use of my templates. I have a feeling that this may have something to do with it. The best thing to do may be to upload the template again.... and when doing so, click "DELETE MY WIDGETS" (or whatever it says") and then start again, completely fresh.

    Unfortunately it's impossible for me to replicate a problem (or even guess what one might be) due to the fact that everyone has different widgets in different positions etc. I would suggest re-loading the template and deleting current widgets however.

    I have a feeling this may create a mega headache for me that could never ever end :(

    I hope this will help.


  52. Oh wait..... I just saw your comment about re-uploading the template. HMMMMMM! Stupid blogger. Did you delete all widgets when uploading it again?

  53. PS: I tried replicating your problem on a test blog I have (with a variety of widgets) and it allowed me to add and then delete the labels on the left column. I am able to add any widget to the left without drama. I wonder whats going on here.

  54. Hi Sharnee,

    I did actually delete widgets both times, as it is a brand new blog. I thought about keeping the ones I chose, but due to the newness, I didn't trust it. I even tried adding them on the right side, but no luck. I will try re-downloading & re-uploading the template, and let you know what happens. Thanks!!

  55. HI Sharnee,
    Okay, I think I just figured it out, and I am a total dingbat. I think they are there, but I can't see them, b/c I just started the blog & do not have posts. I feel silly, but it was rather late when I was working on it. Thanks so much!

  56. Hi there,

    I'm enjoying your blog. I have done most of the customization on my blog myself yet I can't figure out how to make a multi-column side bar like you have on your blog. Do you know where I can find directions? I've Googled it with no luck. I like your set up with one wide sidebar at the top and two small ones side by side underneath.

    Thanks so much.

    You can respond on my blog or email me at

  57. hi sharnee! totally adorable stuff. thank you for sharing. i love love love temps heureux - everything about it except... i really want to use my own personal header. when i upload it, it doesn't fit neatly over your design, though, because the pink bubble comes down so far. i don't know much about coding. is there a way for me to take out the big pink temps heureux bubble header and upload my own, while keeping all the lovely simplicity of the rest of your template? thanks! -

  58. Hi sweet stuff!

    Used ModeParisienne for one of my blogs. Simply love it. Had the exact right colours and simplicity I was looking for. Did a few graphic modifications to match the theme.

    Check it out at:

    Oh, and THANK YOU for adding the PSD file! You are truly awesome!

  59. Sharnee, I'm wodering if I can get a banner that matches my blog design to post on other websites? Thanks,Kris

  60. Hello Sharnee,

    I want to involve in templates creating. Can you teach me on how to do it?

    Thank you.

  61. amazing!
    i use one of your templates on my blog:)

  62. thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with bloggers. really love your designs.
    keep going on :)

  63. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent! I am currently using your "Excuse me, I'm fancy" template and just love it! It's perfect and simple yet has an elegance that is perfect.

  64. I like it!!

    <a href=">Ice Creamy World</a>

  65. i have a error like this
    your templete could not be parsed as it is not well formed. please make sure all xml elements are colsed properly. xml error message content is not allowed in prolog.

  66. I just upload your Faux Jungle template and love it. Only thing is the Page Elements has 2 "Blog Posts" so it's doubling my posts. And I don't know how to remove one.

  67. Hello, I'm Carmen, I need to ask you a question, How do program templates? Please answer me, is that whenever I look for a template, I never find something I really like. Anyway thanks. You have very nice templates, I'm using one of them while you can create a mine. Thank you. Bye.

    (In case I do not speak English, use the translator, I speak Spanish)

  68. I love all of your blog layouts and have managed to tweak this one to my satisfaction. However, I was wondering if it's possible to change the rss icons feed to another from feedburner.

    When I used the default link from the rss icon to feed my blog to another site, it only shows the comments.

    here is my blog url,

    my e-mail address: paperbackhearts at g mail dot com

    I have tried looking through the html, but cannot seem to find it. If you could help me in any way, it would very much be appreciated.

  69. I added the name of my blog into the header onto one of the Sylvia Plath designs. I just loved the quote since it fit so well into what I'm going to be writing about.
    I changed it to blue as well because I really don't like pink. I debated changing the grey, but decided against it because I was feeling lazy. But I love all of your designs!!!

  70. Hi! I try to do a specific Templare for a forum blog.. but it was very well =P
    can you do it or help me???

    there is the blog fot the forum:

    and there is the desing i was doing.. (attempting to use the same design that has the forum)

    thanks for your time!

  71. Hey Sharnee,
    Your templates are amazing! I was wondering what phtoshop you use to make them. Adobe? GIMP? Thaanks :)


    We are Internet Marketing experts who can help you answer these questions, drive mass traffic to your site, and dramatically increase sales.

  73. Hi Sharnee.

    Love your stuff, looking for a template for my new blog 'jane on jane st'.

    I use Mode Parisienne on my blog I've since added 'pages' but the header template cuts off parts of the title of the pages.

    I tried playing around with the header in pixlr. (which you so thoughtfully made note of in your instructions - great option to bringing full photoshop up when in a hurry).

    Can you help please, thanks in advance...Terese

    PS I've checked out Wordpress and was ready to change over, but couldn't get the template to work properly. So have left it for a bit. Will come back to you on this when I have the time to spend to move over to WP, if I am still having trouble.

  74. Hi Sharnee, just bought Powder Room for my new blog


  75. It's okay, you don't have to link me. ♥ Lauren

  76. Hi Sharnee,

    I have a question about my feed. Since switching to a different blogspot URL and using your template, people are unable to receive my feed in their readers. When I comment on a blog that uses Comment Luv, that feature isn't able to pull my feed either. I've tried using the Google/Blogger help forums, and it seems there are plenty of people with this issue, but no one seems to get it resolved.

    The website is


    Any help you can give me is appreciated, as I'm losing readers.

  77. hi Sharnee,
    my names Beatric and im indonesian.
    just wanna give u an information , that ur blog template is famous in my country :D
    and i think, thats all wonderful :)

  78. your designs are amazingly awesome!!!
    i also want to design blogs like you...
    can you give a how to about how to design a blogger template..what tools are used by you and all stuffs that go into designing will be very helpful
    i tried to search about it but could not get anything..
    i also want to know about the working of xml themes at
    someone told me they are basically xhtml...but i could not get how to design them...
    also is there any WYSIWYG editor for designing blogger template...

  79. Hiya!

    Thank you ever so much for this site. It is brilliant. I really liked the "positive negative rss" blog template.

    I have a question though. I am just starting out and I would like to change the font of the title to one called "DeLouisville" (it's a fancy retro western font).

    my blog site:

    Could you assist?


  80. Hi Sharnee,

    I have been using the template "Open All Night, Open All Day" and I absolutely love it, however, I am looking for something more that fits along with my blog name: Katey's Kafe. I would be willing to pay for a template if you would be willing to do it. What I'm looking for is something very retro in terms of a cafe or coffee/soda shop. I love the oldies look and I'd love to have a pin-up girl as waitress. If this is possible, please let me know and how much it would cost.

    My blog is, and my email is

    Thanks so much for your time and keep up the great work. It's absolutely fantastic.


  81. hyee , i want to ask , how to make a header ? thanks

  82. Just uploaded one of your lovely templates. Read the instructions first, and had no problem--other than the double post deal, which was super easy to correct.

    Thank you for such a sweet template! I love it!

  83. Hello,
    My name is Jessica and I have a blogger site called (c)PLM/PLB Designs ( ) I wanted to see if you could put me on your page? I added your button to my site already! I think you do wonderful with your templates. I would love to support each other!! Thanks for your time!!
    -Jessica Russell

  84. Hello-I love your designs. However I'm trying to upload one of your templates onto my blog with no success. I installed a program to unzip the file but still nothing happens when I try to open the file. There was no unzip option when I right clicked the template file. Help!!!

  85. I forgot to leave you my email address so you can contact me. it is

  86. This comment has been removed by the author.

  87. I love the BYO Header template. I'd like to add tabs that match the rest of my blog. Is there a tutorial or code you can recommend? I used your blank BYO Header template and adore how much I can customize it. Any help or direction is appreciated. Love the look of your tabs on this blog.


  88. Any chance you have divider to insert between posts that matches your "She May Adore Me" layout? I just uploaded your template and I LOVE it! I just thought a matching divider would be fun instead of breaks. Thanks!!!

  89. Hi Dana, Yes! I am going to do that now and make a new post with that template :) Cheers

  90. Hi there! Can you delete my previous comments, from October 18 and 20 2009? I am Googling myself and want to eliminate clutter... thanks!

  91. Hi AIDM: sorry, it's basically impossible for me to find your comments. I am pretty sure you can delete them yourself (if not, just post the specific URL of the page you left the comment on.



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