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"How do I install your templates?"
Read these step by step instructions on how to install an .xml Blogger template. Be careful and don't miss a step! Please remember that my templates are provided in zipped folders and must be unzipped before use!

"Hey! My posts are doubled up when I save my widgets when using a new template! WTF?"
Sometimes, due to the way things are labelled, you may find the blog posts within your blog are doubled up! Here is how to fix it. Do not panic, please!

"My comments aren't working!"
Don't panic - there is an easy fix - please read this for instructions on making the comments work again. It's not a big problem.

"My comment word verification is getting cut off, HELP!"
It's a pretty simple fix. Follow this to see how to fix it.

"Can I have a custom color Blogger Nav bar?"
YES YOU CAN. I cracked it, baby. Info on how to do it is here.

"How can I change the 'older', 'newer' and 'home' links to a graphic?"
Very easily, read these instructions on how to do it.

"I like your templates but I want MORE!"
Why not visit suck my lolly (my other Blogger template site) for more - cheap - pre-made templates.

"How do I add a favicon to my Blogger blog?"
Indeed, it's quite easily done. Read these instructions on how to do it.

"'After the Jump' won't work! Why not?"
You have to make a small amendment to the html code. Follow these instructions.

"Can I trust you? I've heard that people should not download things from sites they don't trust "
There is nothing malicious hidden in my blog nor my files. I *only* make revenue from the ads on my site (not much) and that's just to pay the web hosting bills. I am not interesting in abusing trust - I will never use your email for spam purposes.

"Will you design a custom blogger template for me?"
I'm afraid at this time I have no time to do custom templates. You can buy one-of-a-kind templates from! If you email me asking for a custom template please don't be offended if you don't hear back from me.

"I have a Blogger template site and I want to include yours for download. Can I?"
Contact me before offering my templates please. Otherwise I will get very grumpy.

"I have more questions!!!"
I am not able to offer any help with technical issues any more due to the volume of emails I receive - please take a look at the Google Blogger Help Forums.

I hope you enjoy my templates!


  1. hey, i've got probs here. hope you can settle it down. the probs is, when i upload a new layout, unfortunately the widget that i have on my blog, is not beside on the blog post. it happen to be down at the bottom of my blog.

    i've tried so many times to change it, but it appear at same position.

    on the 'page elements', i can see that all the widget just right to the blog post, but when i view my blog, it appear at the bottom.

    can you help me? please :( i don't know what to do

  2. Sorry fmunyraz, I don't know. I would advise you to install a new template and then DELETE all widgets and start from fresh again (you dont seem to have any real widget data that you need to worry about losing). I hope that helps! xx

  3. i dont know how to make it as my layout! can u help me? althou i had read the help, but i still not understand :(
    my blog show me : We were unable to save your template
    Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog. HELP ME! :( :(

  4. After publishing my post, My post doesn't show up on my actually blog.

  5. I have the Mode Parisienne template....and I cannot get 'Mode Parisienne' off of my header.
    When I go to customize/edit my blog, it says that my correct header is there...but when I go to view my blog, it still says Mode Parisienne.
    How do I change that?

  6. hi beth & eric,
    as you will read on the mode parisienne page where you downloaded the template from:
    "I have included a PDF with instructions on how to replace the header image - alternatively you can leave it as it is and it will look the same as the live preview (the header will say "Mode Parisienne")."

    Perhaps you should download the plain text header Mode Parisienne template?

  7. I have a HUGE problem
    I have a mac, and when I opened up the folder
    it led me to one of my games
    do they only work on windows computers?

  8. Letangerangx58 -- I have a Mac, so I don't know why it would do that! I can unzip them fine (what unzip programme are you using?). If you want me to email you the xml file, email me at and I'll email it to you. Cheers

  9. I just started out with a blog, thanks so much for the free template :)

  10. hey! i love your site! it helps many bloggers, especially a beginner like me, to customize our site! thank you so much! by the way, i have a question: why is it that the blog posts and the sidebar are so close? i adjusted the width of the blog post, because i have large pictures. how can i separate them, just like a normal blog? please answer my question, the layout was very wonderful! please send a message to my email:

    more power to you and to this site. XOXO

  11. I would like to express my thanks because your site has helped me to know how to change my blogskin. Your instructions are simple and easy to follow unlike other sites that I've visited. Thank you! :-)

  12. Hi Sharnee,

    The templates are great! But... All the images on mine are today coming up with photobucket icons saying 'bandwidth exceeded'... Help! What can I do?!


  13. Hi Blonde - whoops! My photobucket account lapsed! I have since upgraded to another paid account. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. hi sharnee,

    i am using your beautiful damaskdame template. i wanna change the background block which is now in grey color to black. i have go thru the script but couldnt find the background color.

    appreciate your kind advise.

  15. Hi Nazurah,

    To change the grey background, you have to go to DESIGN > EDIT HTML tabs in Blogger and then scroll through the code until you find this:

    /* ---( layout structure )---*/
    #outer-wrapper {
    width: 900px;
    margin: 0px auto 0;
    text-align: left;
    font: normal normal 95% Georgia, Times, serif;

    You have to change that background colour to be #000000 (which is black).

    Let me know if you have any problems


  16. Hey Sharnee! I must say I am LOVING my new layout! My one question there a way to get the little icons (Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc) where if you would like to post your blog posting to face book, you can just hit the little button?? Just curious!

    Thank you!!!

  17. Hi!
    First off wonderful site and I'm in love with everything! I just downloaded your BYO template.
    All is great but I dont know how to add a background. If you have already posted a how to, could I get the link? Thank you!
    christinahebert (at) live dot com

  18. I have download your bicycle, its working, but I still dont know how to use "link here" and how I connect the link as tab to my blog. Could you help on this?
    Stevany or

  19. Sorry for asking again, i change download your cat napper wallpater, its working, but I still dont know how to use "link here" and how I connect the link as tab to my blog. Could you help on this?
    Stevany or

  20. help me!!!!
    i can't download any template is not working

  21. Sharnee, your site is just wonderful. I have searched and searched, and then, today, I stumble upon your treasures! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. !

    I am hoping to purchase one of your templates(Locality), (for my cleaning business) but, I do not find one with choice buttons (like so many blogs now have and they look like an actual website), that can have different choices in them, i.e. services , or prices, quote etc. ? Thanks!

  22. Hi ! May I know how to put icons on 'older post', 'newer post' and 'home' button ? Thank you ^^

    email :
    blog :

  23. Hi Kang: follow these instructions:


  24. hi, thank you for the templates you let us use (:
    i had a question for you, is there any way i can make the profile picture on my blog bigger? i tried moving the numbers around where is says profile image but that didn't work.

  25. hey thanks for the "Blue Love Letter" template. I really love it :) but i have a question, when i want to insert a header, it doesn't fit (i change the size many times, but it still does not fit). Do you know the right size ? hope you answer it, thanks :)

  26. I just love your templates - they're are gorgeous. I have been searching high and low and was pointed in this direction by
    I'm struggling with getting the header to fit (like Korean Drama above) and the popular posts widget seems to overlap into a border for some reason. But it looks fantastic and I'm so happy. Thanks so much for sharing. I've added your button to my blog :)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Hi,I used one of your template for my blog.I created a new page .After finishing creating this page and post it, i notice the page title on top are being cropped.I can only see the bottom part of the wording.Why is that so>is it because of the font size or template setting?please assist.thank you

  29. Hi Anonymous...... you didn't really leave me much information to help you (like which template are you using?????)

  30. How to apply my template blog if I installed my template blog in

  31. hello, how to add the SHARE buttons and those responds clicky? on the byo background template?

  32. How to apply template installed in the yummylolly in the blogger?

  33. Hi Sharnee, I have a two-column version of the Customizable Template (with Google Fonts), but I would like another sidebar. I know that if I download the version with two sidebars, my customization will go down the drain. Is there some code I can add to the version I have?

    My blog is here:

  34. Is there a way to change the font in the whimsy template. Ashleigh

  35. i'm unable to get much help on the blogger forums, so would byou be able to help?
    silly me, instead of downloading the XML file (dont have my own computer therefore dont want to put it on someone else PC) i copied and pasted a design (from someone else dont worry!) and now it wont let me view my page at all! any ideas?

  36. Thanks for the blog template,Sharnee!

  37. hi.. how to remove those white box on the header. i wanna make my header transparent =) i need the answer ASAP. Thanks!

  38. template's not uploading!! It's stated that there's an error in the html code and it's parsed!! Help Help!!

  39. Hi Sharnee,

    I was wondering if there was a way to have the sidebar title fonts match the post title fonts? I am using your Notebook Scribbles template.


  40. Hi Sharnee! I love your templates and currently have one installed. However, after installing it, my "Email This!/Post to Twitter/Facebook/Google +" (the buttons at the bottom of the post) buttons disappeared. How do I get these back?


    1. I'm having the same problem :( Was there ever a solution?

  41. Hei, I used your template 'Whimsy-Redone' and I want to make 'Menu Dropdown', but I don't know how. Would you tell me?

  42. Hi Sharnee. How to change the title sidebar like 'Follow Me' to graphic? Thanks :)

  43. Hello~

    I used one of your templates - Whimsy, and it was wonderful! thank you~♥ Let me click on one of the ads for you.

    Anyway, I have this tiny question. I was looking for ways in which I can have those little icons for sharing on my posts, then I discovered it is included in my "blog post" area in arrangement section. Now, the only thing is that I don't know how to make it appear. I hope you can help me. my email is pixeladdict (A T) gmail. thanks~

  44. Hi. I love "6th Grade Rebellion". I can't get my blog title to show up in the header image. Help, please? Thank you.


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