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Please note that I always try to ensure the items I use in my templates are allowed to be used but I am human and sometimes make mistakes. Please please email me - sales(at)suckmylolly(dot)com - if I have used something of yours in a template and you would like it removed or properly credited.

This site was previously titled but as if May 2011 has been changed to


  • Change: the code of the blog / alter images / add things / subtract things / change colours / add your own header image / change the background

    {Basically I don't mind what you do when you're using the design for yourself. Go crazy! Please show me what you do, I'd LOVE to see!}

  • Please keep the link back to! I've spent many hours making these templates and I only do it because I love doing so! I want to share with as many people as possible, so keeping the link back to me help others find my site. And this means less generic Blogger templates..... which is a very good thing.

  • My blog templates may be used for commercial use (ie: selling things on your blog).


  • Under NO circumstances may you re-upload this design to a Blogger Designs website pretending you made it. It's my choice when/where and IF I do that!!

  • Don't take the credit links out! You can modify the template for your own personal use, but please leave in the credit links intact. This, of course, also applies to any other links to others for credit using their art/photos/backgrounds etc. Even if you modify the template slightly you STILL MAY NEVER upload the template to a Blog template site.

  • Don't sell this design! THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE because I gave it to you free in the first place.

  • My designs may NOT be included in a promotional package CD, disk or making it available for download from a 3rd party collection without express written permission by me. Email me: sales{at}  I am quite specific when I say YOU MUST NOT UPLOAD THIS FROM YOUR OWN SERVER FOR DOWNLOAD!

  • Need help installing? Please visit the help page

The templates on & are offered “as is” without warranty. I will not be liable for any damage or loss of data due to downloading or using a template. 

I reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions without prior notice.

Sharnee, 2007-2011


  1. Hi Sharnee,

    I want to use the header image only of one of your free templates, and not the whole template. Is it okay for me to tweak the image a bit?

    And I don't want to have a link back to your site right on the sidebar/footer/header of my site. Is it okay if I include it in the template code as a comment, AND in the copyright information page of my blog?

  2. can I use only the background?

  3. hello thanks so much for those wonderful layouts \o/

    also, I changed the background color and don't use your image for the header, is that cool? of course I don't erase your site from the xml.

  4. Hi Sharnee,

    Really love ur template.. it's so wonderful.. i'm using it.. thank u so much..

    but anyway, how do i use the page list below the header? tqvm..

  5. I am thinking about making a book out of my blog and I was wondering if I could use the pin up/beauty queen art on the cover (I don't really know about the legal stuff). I don't have a publisher or an agent so if it's ok then I will but if not thanks anyway for designing the perfect template! It's so perfect for my blog!

  6. I forgot to leave my email it's

  7. Hey Sharnee, your templates are AMAZING.
    I recently made my own background and am working on my header but
    when I put in all the HTMLyy stuff in the HTML box on my layout page it won't do anything to my blog. CAN YOU HELP ME REMOVE YOUR TEMPLATE?

    Email: (yes, my email is very unprofessional, I apologize.)

  8. Hi, you have got some amazing templates cab you tell how to made these amazing templates

  9. I was wondering if it was ok to take out the quote image from the Heart Attack template and use them in the BYO Background template like I did here I really wanted to keep those.

    Thanks! :)

  10. their models are gorgeous! i'm using one, thanks.

  11. Gracias por sus plantillas estan hermosa me llevo una para mi blog saludos

  12. Hi, thank you for offering templates!! I am using your blue love letter one. But ... when I use Blogger's post break when typing a post, it doesn't give a link that says "More" or anything like that, it just cuts off the post. Is there a code I can add to make that blogger feature work??

    1. Hey Kris,
      Yes, please read this:
      (take note from after the red "BUT....." part. You will need to insert some code into the template. Cheers


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