Thursday, 13 December 2007

Pinkie Clouds - free XML blogger template

Here's a cute, pink, XML Blogger template. Simple and sweet:

(click for live preview)

  • Download the template: here
  • Need help installing this? Click here
Same drill as always if you're installing this XML blogger template -- Back up your widgets/links etc as installing a new design may erase them. If you're installing this design over a "classic" (or html) blogger template, you may have to pick a generic blogger template first before uploading this.


  1. Hi...Thank YOU so MUCH... I use your templates for my blog here...please come and visit me whenever you have time ;) But they're in my language bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language), your templates are great, LOVE them both so much.

    Again THANK YOU! *wish I could create my own templates--I think I'll try to learn how to.

    Gratcia-Jakarta the BiG KamPOEng

  2. Thank you! My baking/sewing/mom-ing blog is on a Pinky Clouds template. Your templates are fun and unique. And I too heart cake.

  3. Hi! First thanks you for this cutie layout. But I've got a problem, the comments don't appear :( aybe you can help me?

  4. i'm sorry I didn't read the FAQ ^^ Problem solved!


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