Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Black Scrolly redone - free XML blogger template

(click for a live preview)

Note: If you have any widgets/data that you do not wish to lose in your sidebar please backup your data before uploading this - or you may lose them.

  • If you are currently using a template in "Classic Blogger"
    you may have to go back to your Blogger dashboard and click on TEMPLATE >> CUSTOMISE DESIGN for it to work.
    You will have to "upgrade your template" to upload the XML file.
    It may ask you to chose a generic template first, but after doing this you can go to the below TEMPLATE screen and "upload a template from a file on your hard drive" - and it will work.
  • If you are already using "new" Blogger:
    then you should be able to upload this straight away - again, please back up your current template if you have data in the sidebar, as previously mentioned.

How to install:

(click for a larger view)

download zip file: here
Need help installing this? Click here

(including code.xml and images)


  1. Thats so funny, when I uploaded it I changed the orange to pink! I was wondering..is there a way to make the journal title also a link to the homepage? I know absolutely nothing about the xml stuff, otherwise I'd try and do it myself.

  2. Hi, I'm not sure... it's something I can take a look at though. I know that the title is an active link when you're on the posts actual page though. XML doesn't make sense to me, so tricky!

  3. Thank you so much, I love this one :) And it looks fabulous on me!

  4. hey lolly. me a newbie in thing xml thingy. do i have to host the images on other sites?

  5. lols, u didnt include the backround image for this layout. how?

  6. zaza: no you can leave them hosted where they are.
    Sorry about forgetting the background image.

    It can be found here:

  7. I can't figure out how to move the posts down on the page. They're covering up my picture.

  8. my2gs: from what I can see, your page looks fine now.

  9. I took the picture off because it wasn't working right. I would love to have a header on the top where it says Shipman Family.

  10. Hi, I love your designs, but this one is my favourite at the moment. It looks great on me. I changed the pinky color into purple. Thank you.

  11. Hi. I attempted to upload this template using the directions provided but it is giving me an error message. "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Content is not allowed in prolog." What exactly does this mean?

  12. Hi Livi,

    I don't know why you're getting this message. Take a look at my FAQs for any hints there:


    I know the template works perfectly because I've seen others using it. If you want me to install the template for you, let me know:


  13. the same thing happened to me that happened to Livi...

  14. Hi Bean....

    the template is enclosed within a zipped (compressed) folder - along with all the images and the terms & conditions for using my template.

    If you try and upload this .zip folder then YOU WILL GET AN ERROR MESSAGE (ie: "Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly...."). You have to unzip this folder and inside you will find the .xml template file.

    THIS .xml file is the file you need to upload!!

    Uploading the .xml file will NOT CAUSE ANY ERRORS but uploading the .zip file will not work.

  15. hi again. ya, i know, but it still happened even after it was unzipped. But after several further tries, it worked! Thanks a bunch ^-^ i duno wat happened to fix it but it's working & thats all thats important to me at this point..

    thanks for the layout! appreciate your hard work, it looks great ^__-

  16. Hi again, i forgot to leave my blog URL, its http://thepirateeconomist.blogspot.com

    Well, actually, its not my own blog, i just made it for someone who couldnt figure out how to make a blogsite even worse than me =p. Unfortunately, he said his readers were offended by the footer image which showed "suckmylolly.com". I know i know, its supposed to be a double entendre, and i told him it's only fair to tell ppl its yours, but as he kept bugging me abt it so i had to change it to a text that linked to your site instead of stating the name. I hope it's ok with you? Also, i changed some colours of text only.

  17. No problemo Bean.
    What you wrote on the bottom of that site made me giggle.


  18. hey does emoticons like a heart shape or smily face comes with this template?(balck scrolly) and i can change the colour as well? how?

    btw i LOVE all ur designs!pls reply

  19. meilin: I have no idea how emoticons look, sorry!

  20. Hi, I love your designs but I'm having trouble using them. I'm sure it's me and not the files.

    I get as far as uploading the XML file and then it says that some widgets should be deleted. I chose confirm and save but I just get an error message.

    Please help if you can. My blog is at www.letterstoginger.blogspot.com and you can contact me at missdarlene@gmail.com if that helps. Thanks so much!

  21. hey! I just got my blog started and this theme was absolutely perfect for me :)

    it looks gorgeous. thank you!

  22. Hey, what's a XML? I like this one, but I don't know how...

  23. I have to say I'h having the same problem as Mizdarling, which makes me sad! Cause I really love this theme. I'll check back over the next couple of weeks & see if the problem has been resolved.

  24. Rich Mama: Sorry you're having some issues installing it. It works well for me - I don't know why it's misbehaving for you.

    Have you read the instructions fully?


    Two things I would suggest:
    1) Try a different web browser
    2) Chose a generic template (ie: a plain Blogger one) and then try and upload this template - just in case the error is with one of your widgets.

    Good luck,

  25. It won't let me click to download the zip file. Am I missing something?

  26. I want to use this template but I need to widen the column so that I can post bigger pictures. If I change the outer wrapper, it just moves the template to the left. When I change main column, more of my pictures show but it makes the sidebar info go to the bottom. Have any suggestions?


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