Saturday, 14 May 2011

"How long was I in a coma?" - "Why, Blogger, it was just a few days"

Dear Blogger,

Welcome back from your coma.  Whilst you were asleep, many people thought about jumping ship to WordPress. Even though I use WordPress and Blogger, I still believe in you.  You are free, flexible and this is the biggest breakdown you have had, even since I have been using you (yeah, since 2003), and you know, blogs are cool and all, but there are other things in life more important and it doesn't hurt to remember that sometimes.

(Besides, there are so many freaking fugly WP themes out there that it's not funny!) 

So Blogger, my trusty friend - welcome back.


Did you miss Blogger a lot over the last few days or did you not really notice?

Here's a welcome back template in some lovely light hues (I don't want to shock you with too much colour after the events of the week), so we'll stay calm.  Green, Orange, Blue. Calm and relaxing.

The image preview below looks lame, but if you click on the template you'll see how lovely and delicate it is.

(I have used Google Fonts which are not changeable from within the template designer tab)

click image for a live demo site


  1. lol you're too funny.
    Yup and I'm an addict and got cranky :P

  2. lol love it! I don't understand the WP love bar the comments thing. Anyway, I just like keeping all my google shit together and wish that buying hosting to backup my photos was cheaper with google than backwards flickr. I want all my eggs in one basket lol

  3. Nice to see you here posting and enjoying life! welcome back from coma))

  4. LOVE this, been searching for the perfect one! Thankyou!

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  6. Using this for my layout, it's really cute!! Thank you! :3

    ♥ Murgaloo


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