Friday, 21 January 2011

Yes even Blogger has a bad day

I thought I would just write a quick blog post to say that Blogger seems to be having some troubles when you upload a new header image to your blog.

It seems to work ok but then when you view your blog it looks horribly pixelated.

(basically it's shrinking the images down to 400 pixels wide and then stretching them and STRETCHING EQUALS HORRID PIXELATION!)

So, if you happen to be experiencing some troubles with this too... why not head on over to the Google/Blogger Help Forum and let them know it's broken for you too?

Link to the site is here.

Hopefully it won't be a problem for much longer.

23/1/11 - UPDATE: I suck for not letting you know this sooner, but if the crappy pixelation is driving you batty and you really want to have a nice normal header then you can get around it.

Here's what you have to do:

1) Upload your header image to Photobucket or another free web image host.

2) Grab the direct image URL ie: http;//www.YOURIMAGEURL.jpg

3) Go to Blogger and go to the header area (it's under the DESIGN > PAGE ELEMENTS area). A pop up window will open, see below. Instead of "browsing" for your image, put the URL in the "From the Web" line.

4) Click save

Your header will not be pixelated as the image is not being stored on Picasa (ie: Blogger image host).

27/1 UPDATE: This now seems to be resolved! Woo!


  1. thank you SO much for posting this! My mom and I were fighting with blogger trying to get it to work! hopefully it gets fixed soon :))


  2. Hi Samarah - now I have a mental image of you and your mum fighting blogger, street-fighter style!

    Hope it's fixed soon!

  3. I was wondering the same thing!!! That's why I don't have my normal's just the normal text of my blog title. :/

  4. blog also have the same problem..arrggg..i feel sooo angry!!

    but thank to you for your idea :)

  5. thank you for letting us know! i am having the same problem!

  6. I was fighting with blogger last night with the same problem!
    but finally I uploaded the image using it's link, not uploading it from my computer, and it worked!

  7. I thought it was just me! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH, i was so sad yesterday when i fought with this problem for whole afternoon and went crazy at the and. THANK YOU!

  9. Hi Sharnee,

    I'm trying to upload one of your headers to my blog. I have followed your instructions and uploaded to Photobucket. But when I save the link and try to insert it, it doesn't work...the header doesn't show on the blog.
    Hope you can help??

  10. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the comment. Sorry I should have made two things really clear:

    1) it's VITAL that you get the image URL right (ie: Photobucket can sometimes give you code that you don;t want - you just want the 'direct' link.

    2) In the image above, the "behind title and description" button is ticked but maybe this is not the right one for your blog. You should try ticking the "instead of title and description" and see if that's better.

    Also, don't tick the re-size button.

    I would also say that with your template, you probably need to make your header image a bit wider so it takes up more horizontal space.

  11. Thanks Sharnee,

    I'll give it another try!

  12. Yayyy it worked! lol!
    Thanks for your help Sharnee!

  13. Some blogs are very bad and create problems for blogger. I am tired with those. But i love to blogging. I am suffer from bad day with blogging.


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