Thursday, 1 April 2010

"Oh!" she said - super wide blogger template - bright yellow with pretty girl!

I wanted to make something bright. Before you ask -- yessss, maybe I will make more colours soon, it shouldn't be too tricky for me, just let me know if there's a specific colour background you want (I'm not going to change the girl though, because we could all sit here and talk colours until the cows came home). Well.... ok.... I could be persuaded to make it with a different hair colour.

//click above image for a live preview \\


  1. Wow - I really love this one - esp the red hair. Maybe a background of pink? just a tad lighter than her hair baubles?

  2. Yeah the yellow is kinda bright, isn't it? I like the idea of pink - I shall try and get it done! And I am also thinking green.....

  3. I like that this one is so wide!

  4. Oh, blonde hair please! That would be awesome. :)

  5. till now, i'm still can't download any of your templates. i can't get it. HOW TO UNZIP?
    pleased help me..:(

  6. Ok, so I know I said pink but I love the mint. Being a redhead, I had to go for one with a red headed girl. Its live now but my changeover post showing the change will come on tomorrow. Hope my (5) readers like it nearly as much as I do!

  7. lovely! this reflects me a lot. thanks!


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