Saturday, 27 February 2010

Vine Me Up & Down Blogger template

Apologies for not posting many templates recently! Ahh, I have been SO BUSY! Here is one I have had up my sleeve for a while. It has a flowery frame at the top and bottom of the main blog area which makes it ultra pretty! Hope you like it! xx

PS: Have you seen the comments section of this blog? I have changed it up so the comments are numbered and with a little image between each post! Soon I will write out a tutorial for you to do similar!


  1. I love the flowers at the bottom and top. VERY nice!! I just changed my template, too, but thanks to your helpful post for saving widgets, changing templates isn't such a pain anymore.

  2. I can't wait to find out how to use the cute little image for my blog!

  3. Just a tip:
    Have you seen the new site at COLOURlovers? There are a looot of new patterns, and even a tool where you can design your own. I think it's really useful for your templates :)


  4. Hello,
    I love this template and I'd like to use it, but I get the message that the archive is damaged. Could you please check this for me? Thank you!!!

  5. Hi Irene,

    Sorry, I have never seen that error before. Where did it come up? When you went to install the new template? I've never seen this issue and I know other people have installed this without drama. Why not remove your blog archive widget, install the template and then re-install?

  6. My friend and I both tried extracting this file and there is nothing in it :(

  7. Hi Jane - I will re-upload this for you tonight, so check back then!


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