Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pin Me Up - Pin up girl XML blogger template

This is kind of in the same vein as 'A Dream Girl for Dan' (because that template is one of my absolute favourites! It's simple, yet elegant and I hope ... if you like pin up girls... you like this one.

The background is changeable from within the colours and fonts area (although the middle "blog" box will remain white). xx

click above image for a live preview


  1. This is really cute, but i got two double post spaces!so my posts go double, I must have done something wrong , I will install that again :-)

  2. Hi Lu - you can read how to fix that problem here:
    read these instructions

  3. I love this template.
    Thanks! I love your pin up styles!
    I only wish the image were a bit smaller , I made it a bit smaller in my blog..
    hehe..I looove your work
    Thank you soo much god bless

  4. hey, i love this template. i 've already downloaded it but i cant open it! i could read the pdf and everything but its not letting me open the template.xml. i leave you my emails adress:

  5. really cute... ilovethistemplates but yeah why it have 2 post? whts wrong?

  6. Hi Sharnee! I began a new blog on Jan. 1st! Your template PERFECTLY set the tone for my blog! I have added pin-ups down the side via Blogger - I do hope that is alright. Pls. stop by and be certain you are okay with what I have done. BTW - I have a big shout out to Yummy Lolly on my blog! ~ THANKS!!! You are making me look great!! Maggie Beth

  7. Thank you for the lovely template; it's gorgeous! I've changed the pic for my blog ( please take a look when you get a chance and let me know if you're happy with it. Thanks!


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