Thursday, 4 June 2009

Pinky Pinkerson - XML blogger template

Oh I hope you like pink, because here's a pink template! This was just a test which happened to work out quite well.... so I will probably make some similar to this in the future (but more intricate!)! This didn't take me very long to make, hence the two templates in one day!

click for a live preview

The design works with "new" blogger - ie: it's an XML template. Please ensure that you backup your widget data, as installing a new template will wipe/erase your current widget content.


  1. it didn't sad! :( i liked the layout!

  2. greetings ! (again) can a picture image be loaded into one of the white boxes?

    Sorry for the 'dumbness' of my question, but I am all to new to this! LOVE love your designs, they are truly one of a kind !


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