Monday, 8 June 2009

Changing Fonts in your blog title posts! YES, it's possible!

I have to share this with you because some people have asked me about it in the past and I wasn't sure if it was possible!

YES, you can change the fonts of your blog entry titles - and sidebar headers too (I mean FANCY fonts and not just boring old generic fonts!). I found a link via Husdon's blog (thanks!!!) which shows how you can use fonts in your blog... kind of Wordpress style (but a bit different)! The tutorial can be found >> here at Kevin & Amanda's website (they also have some GORGEOUS handwriting fonts! WOW!).

BUT.... please be aware of a few things:
1) You will need to be comfortable editing and changing html and code within your blog and this may be quite tricky for a beginner.

2) You will have to have somewhere to host the files (but there are free hosts available)!

3) It does not seem work with IE5.5 or IE6 (that's the case on the computer I tested it on anyhow).

What excellent stuff! I hope some of you may find it useful!

PS: re Internet Explorer - I try not to get sad when I see visitors using IE5.5 and IE6 but c'mon -- if you're using those, you really are missing out! They are up to IE8 now! Or.... you can try Firefox (which is my personal favourite!).


  1. I know what you work were only allowed to have IE6 cos were still in the dark ages. Much of the time I use my work laptop even at home so not fantastic viewing pleasure for me LOL. I have some code for changing the font which doesn't mean storing the files but its kind of crazy looking and I'm still trying to understand HOW it actually works. It does work though :) I could share it with you - maybe you might understand it!

  2. Hi Louise, Oh I know what you mean about those people at work/schools only being able to use IE6! That's too bad :-( It's not really the end of the world I guess but I do wonder how much longer places are going to have those browsers because some websites don't display properly and it's definitely not as secure as the newer versions (and you would think that workplaces/schools would want things to be secure!). If you want me to take a look at that code.... email it to me - although I can't promise any miracles, LOL! xx

  3. wow, thanks!
    I'll check it out (:

  4. Hi Sharnee,

    Amanda also offers detailed tutorials on how to add the fonts, and is really great about answering questions. Her tutorial includes a free host suggestion (maybe 2).


  5. "I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work."


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