Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ahoy Hair! - free XML Blogger template

If anyone wants to make me one of these ship headpieces, I would totally wear it! :-)

click for a live preview

Also.... please note that I love making things customisable so I have made the 'inner' background and main background colour customisable. So basically you can easily alter the look of the blog. Check out some combos below:

Lemon, perhaps?

Or a delightful dark purple!?

To change these colours, all you have to do is go to the Fonts & Colours tab within Blogger and change them to whatever you want. REMEMBER that the stupid colour palette that Blogger provides aren't the only colours you can have!!

You can look up any HEX colour and imput the six digit code into the box and hit "return". A big 'ol list of hex colours can be found {here} or a good colour selector {here}

PS: massive thanks to the delightful for the wonderful woman/ship/head Photoshop brush! I love it!


  1. i want to use your template but i dont know how to backup widget data before installing that new template ? i afraid that i might do it wrong and all my widget will missing . please help me :( . thankyou .

  2. Hi, Oh, don't worry about backing up your widget data! You don't have to do that any more due to blogger keeping that info (you used to lose it, but now you don't! hooray!)

  3. my blog name Ahoy too . so i decided to take this template . thanks yaww !


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