Sunday, 17 May 2009

pun(ch)(in)ello - XML blogger template

>>>> UPDATE: May 26, 2009: I have no idea why this zip folder was needing a password with Windows unzipper (but able to be opened with WinRAR - WEIRD!) but I have updated the link to a zip folder that is now actually unzippable! Sorry for the weirdness! It seems that I have skills that even I didn't know about!

I love a good damask pattern and the extremely talented Jennifer Furlotte at Pixels and IceCream has made available this beautiful pattern (see live preview below). This is a 3 column template which has two sidebars in the right hand side. As you will know, I like to make my blogs very customisable (I hate it when you download a Blogger template and cannot edit any of the fonts or colours!! URGH!!) and this one can be changed quite a lot: you are able to change both the "inner" blog colour (mid purple) and the sidebar box colour (light purple).

I therefore think that this blog template is pretty cool. If you have a different background image you want to use... why not change that too? (let me know if you need help doing that, but it's not too tricky).

click for a live preview

The design works with "new" blogger - ie: it's an XML template. Please ensure that you backup your widget data, as installing a new template will wipe/erase your current widget content.

PS: I host all the images for my free templates on a premium photobucket account. This is not, unfortunately, free of charge :( I continually pay for this so that the images on your templates will not appear as "broken" and your templates will continue to look awesome. If you would like to help me out with paying for this, why not donate $1? You don't have to, but I would appreciate any help I could get with this, so $1 isn't too much to ask for I hope (if you are horrendously rich and want to donate more, my paypal email is: If you are horrendously rich, I would also like a pony. A pink one. Thanks!


  1. this one is not for free?

  2. Yes, it's free.... the download link is right there! :-P

  3. i wish i could donate. your templates are awesoem, but i cant:(
    im really sorry

  4. yes, i use this templates. its a simply super. thanks for the sharing.
    more templates

  5. Hello, I am trying to unzip this template and it keeps telling me it's password protected? I have not had this problem with any of your other templates.

    My email is and my blog is
    Thank you!

  6. ok. i know there is a way to save your templates before you change your layout. can you please please PLEASE tell me how? thank you.


    ps. love the blog templates <3

  7. oh! ha you can email me how at or

    thank you!


  8. first time user here. Having same problem unzipping the file. Apparently its password protected. Mind sharing the passwords please.

    Btw, awesome blog templates you have here. Glad I just found out about this site through one of my friends blog who used ur templates.


  9. I just installed this purple template. And for over a year, my comment button was a pos that didn't work. Love the template, love that my comments work :)
    Thank You!

  10. I just installed this template today and I love it. Thanks so much :)

  11. hi! i like the designs. check out the source of the template.
    Thank you! i love it.
    More templates easy to download

  12. Hi! I would just like to ask is there a way to make the background semi transparent? or translucent? It's a shame you can't see the lovely damask background.. Thanks! Love your site! =D

  13. Hi Tracie: sorry you can't see the background. It's only 950px wide, maybe your computer is set to a narrow setting as most screens should be able to see the damask either side of the template.

  14. Hi!!! I love your dessigns, I want to use this one, and add my own header image but I cant do it, I made an image 800 pixels wide and it appears smaller than 800. Ive tried a lot of times but everytime is the same, the header just does not fit. Can you help me? please

  15. Hi,

    do you also do Wordpress templates?


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