Monday, 3 March 2008

1950s Slumber Party - free XML blogger template

(click for a live preview)
Please note that I have made my own header image and installed it under LAYOUT > PAGE ELEMENTS. You can do this too - as long as the header image has a background colour of white (to be seamless!) and is 720 pixels wide. Height isn't as important as width, so it doesn't matter how high. This design will come with a plain text header by default.

Make sure that you select the following if you want to replace your header with an image:

This is what I did (thinking it would be easier than replacing the image path in the code as I have been instructing in my recent designs - the jury's out - I think I prefer the other way as it allows you to be more precise and specific).

'tis cute though!

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  1. Hi Senja,

    Your blog title is clickable when you're on a blog entry (ie: if you click the title of one post youll notice that the title is then clickable) - sorry I'm not quite sure how to make the text on the front page "clickable" - but you call always add a widget to the top of the sidebar that says "home" or something like that?

    Sorry I can't be of more assistance!


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