Thursday, 2 June 2011

Spicy Grandma - 2 Column Blogger Template

Here is my first template for my new URL and I hope you like it.  I was actually going to post this template up for download about 30 mins before I realised that my domain was gone (sniff) so I have really been looking forward to sharing this one - I honestly worked quite hard on it.

I hope you like it - perhaps I could make different coloured versions? (which colours do you think would look awesome? Suggestions welcome!).


  1. Hey Sharnee, always love your template creations! <3 I totes love the floral date + sidebar header flower images! Just a suggestion - could you possibly make a range of those for us to choose from, it'd open up a huge possibilities for customizing, hee! :) Thank you!

  2. always beautiful templates! Thank you,

  3. I love this one soooooooo much! I am going to use it on both my blogs! Thanks! :)

  4. hi. i am currently using this now as my template. but i do hope i can adjust the widths since i have XL pictures :(


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