Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cakies in Love

Welcome to the new look - hope you like it (click out of your reader if that's where you're reading this from).  Oooh, it's been candified!

The header images are from JW Illustrations (and wow, can Jessica draw)! I fell in love with her images as soon as I saw them.  Such a great price for amazing illustrations (this is not a sponsored post, I honestly love her art!).  It's perfect for your blog - check out the different licensing options here.  Prices are exceptionally reasonable!

My favourite product would have to be her custom character illustration!!

I have also created a new template using some very sweet little cupcake images that I purchased from Jessica.... It's only a first meeting but I think these cupcakes will be together forever.

Click above for a live preview

Important! Please leave the credit links to Jessica on the blog template INTACT.  You may not use these cupcake images for commercial purposes, nor may you remove them from the blog template.
If you would like to use these images in any other way, please visit Jessica's site and purchase the images.


    1. I love the look! Who doesn't love candy?

    2. If someone doesn't love candy then I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! xx

    3. I love all of your designs and had so much trouble choosing just one! This is the one I picked and I love it to bits! :)


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