Saturday, 23 October 2010

Say Cheese! (the perfect template for a photo blog!)

Now I know this template preview (below) is going to look like all hamburger but in actual fact it's a very neat super wide Blogger template perfect for a photoblog!

The maximum sized photo I would recommend is 900 pixels (as the template itself is not much wider) but if you click through to the test blog you will see that I have put a few example images in there so you can see how they look.

Obviously I don't recommend uploading your photos on Blogger (because they can be re-sized too small and look kinda crap in this super wide template). I would opt for using Photobucket or Flickr pics here. Then you'll know that they'll be very clear!

Oh, and the sidebars (3) are actually in the footer of the blog. I like it!

click above image for a live preview


  1. Love this template. Is there any way I can change the font to match my watermark and colors?

  2. Tmena - well, that's a good question.
    You can easily make your own header image and then upload that. The dimensions of the header image should be 910px wide by however high you want (200px? 300px?). You should make the background white so it blends in with the template.

    Once you have made your header image you go to

    Here is a screen grab of what to do:

    upload your header image by clicking on: LAYOUT > PAGE ELEMENTS and then clicking "Edit" in the header area. You want to upload your header image, but ensure you DON'T HAVE "shrink to fit" selected. Also make sure you HAVE "instead of title & description" selected.

    OR....... instead of making a header image you can use the Google font directory to pick a google font (which I have done in this template) - I am using "IM Fell Great Primer SC" font on this template. The font choices are limited though.

    Hope this helps!

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  4. Finally found a perfect wide template. Gonna use this one. Thank you :)


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