Saturday, 2 October 2010

Keep Dreaming - 2 Column baby blue template

Hi there! It's been a while since I had time to make templates but I hope to have them out on a more regular basis (because I love making them). This is one that I adore - and hope you do too! I don't even really like birds all that much, but I love this shade of blue and I also love a good silhouette.

Also, click on the live preview below to see the little guy between each post ;)

click above for a live preview


  1. This is just ADORABLE and I love it! :-)

    Now I have to learn how to code because I have so long archive list on my blog that it's time to install 3-column template :-/

    But I just love your projects! And I hate that I live in Poland so I can't afford any of premiums :-(

  2. Thanks to you I've learned how to add third column :-) And voila!
    I'm so proud for myself.
    Thank you for your being here :-*

  3. I also really like the design on this one, the blue colour together with the power cables really go very well

  4. hi. i really like this template! Just want to check with you how do i add a "About me" at the sidebar?


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