Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes! (how to change your text colour)

Yes, so Blogger has a template designer now (*sob*, does that mean that no-one will use my templates? I hope not! Generic is still generic, no matter what kind of fancy-pants background you have from istockphoto). Am I bitter? Possibly.

Anyway, in case you were wondering how to now change the colours & fonts of your template (as there is now NO "Fonts & Colours" tab, BOO HOO)....

You just have to click on the "Template Designer" tab - which is under the 'Design' tab and go to the 'Advanced' area:


Hope that helps anyone who's lost!


  1. He, but still you can change them in the "Edit HTML" tab. your backgrounds and fonts and many more! I'm never satisfies with blogger's backgrounds. so i upload my favs and its really easy. just like the way u do for your previous templates. except you have to find the codes which could be a little bit difficult.

  2. While I'm happy they FINALLY released the new Template Designer, there's still a ton of limits to it... you can't change your fonts and stuff like that. And to me, fonts matter! lol

  3. I just can't change my template with this stupid new blog update!


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