Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Carly Says - Show me the Stars! - Lovely Blogger Design by Carly Lloyd Designs

The lovely Carly from Carly Lloyd Designs has made you all a Blogger template and I think you will agree that it is delightful!

Carly says.... "This layout was designed as I love stars, I have a slight fascination for them and one of my favourite colours is pink. The title ‘Show Me The Stars’ basically details that there are A LOT of stars here."

Woo to stars and woo to Carly. I hope you enjoy this layout. It's subtle and sweet!

click above for a live preview

Go and visit Carly's site now!


  1. hi sharnee, i love ur templates. u really make life so much easier for bloggers.
    i have a question, how can i WIDEN the space of my content? as u can see, most of ur templates have extra space on both side, sometimes the photos are too big to be fit in the designated space in the center. u knw what i mean? hope i did not confuse u. anyway, my email is

    would appreciate your help. :)

  2. Hello Sharnee!You always made a beautiful,clean and elegant templates.
    Thank you so much!
    U made me happy all the time....

  3. Super sweet!

  4. I so cute this template! x3


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