Sunday, 17 January 2010's FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!


This is a special post because I have one one-of-a-kind Blogger template to give-away to one lucky reader. Yes, this is my very first giveaway! You will be the only person, ever, to have this template.

First things first - this is what the template looks like:

click to see a larger preview

  1. You must be a follower to enter (you can become a follower by clicking "Follow" in the right hand side bar there >>>>

  2. You must leave a comment on this post, just saying hello - tell me something funny, a joke, your favourite poem. Anything! You may only enter ONCE (ie: one comment per person, please).

    (Also, please include an email address I can contact you on (of course I recommend writing (it) like {dot} to avoid any spamming of your email). I understand that not everyone wants to flash their email about, and that's fine, so if you don't leave an email then I will announce who won and you'll have to contact me! If you don't contact me, the winner will be re-drawn 3 days later!

  • Please note that this competition is for 1 x Blogger .xml template (not for any other blogging platform except blogger)
  • I will not make any changes to the design (colours etc) but I will include your blog name and description (in a font of your choosing) in the header area of the blog. This is the only alteration I will make.
  • Once I have emailed you asking for your blog title/description, I will make the header image for you and email you everything you need. This is to be installed by you but I can always help out if you need it.
  • I will host the image files for you.
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries will not be counted.
  • Once a winner has been emailed, if I do not receive any communication from the winner in 3 days, I will choose another winner.
  • A winner will be chose at random by selecting a comment number from

This will be drawn at 12 noon (Australian EST) on January 26th!

{If you don't like this template I am giving away, don't fret. I hope to do this once a month or so so there might be a design you like next time}