Monday, 7 December 2009

Ta-Da! Free template - 3 column Blogger template

Oh man I'm so behind. I wanted to post some Christmas templates but so far I have only posted the colourful baubles one {view it here} but like I said... I'm so behind. I have been so busy lately that it's not funny! Christmas is just around the corner -- HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Send all explanations to me, via Santa.
I will have a Christmasy template in the next few days. In the mean time, enjoy this:

click for a live preview

Please back up your widget data before installing a template!


  1. woow i realy like your blog!
    so i have one of your template ^^
    it's cute

  2. this template is beyond amazing, i love it!
    thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for your comments guys, I'm so glad you like them/it :-)

  4. i really love this layout of yours but so unfortunate of me i can't unzip it for some reason.

  5. I'm using this template for my blog! Its super cute, thank you so much! I LOVED IT! :D Come take a look (:

  6. Hi Ms. Sharnee^^ thank you for sharing this wonderful template.awesome work of art.great it! i'm using it now on my site =)just a question: whenever I check my main page,the edit icons always show up even after I changed/ will i delete or re-edit again so that it wont show up again.thanks!

  7. Hi Locke, don't worry, it's only you that can see the edit icon - no-one else can see it. You can see it because you're logged into blogger and looking at your blog. I can't see that icon when I visit your site. xx

  8. how to unzip the layout?i've been trying n it wasnt working.

  9. I love this. Will use. You, ma'am, are one awesome blogger. ^^

  10. THANK YOU..
    lovely design..simple adore it <3 <3

    thanks again <3


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