Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hey, you! Get ride of that horrid blue Blogger Navbar!

Have you noticed that the Blogger navbar is now more customisable? (well, in an ultimate world I could select the background colour myself!) but now there are more options than the horrid blue and tan!

{yeah, a lot of people remove/hide their Blogger navigation bar but I find it quite useful for searching and "following" a blog, and I'm always a bit bummed when it's removed. So there!}

My personal favourite is the Transparent Light - which means you can see the background pattern (or colour) behind it. See what I mean on this Christmas Baubles template. Cool, yeah?

You can find this feature under the LAYOUT > PAGE ELEMENTS (click on "Edit" in the Navbar area and a pop-up window will open).

A lot of you may have known about this but for those who haven't - enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the hint! I also like the way that you point out that there's a good reason to have the Navbar on your page- everyone likes to have (more) Followers :>

  2. I also like for the navbar to be there. I also heard it's against Blogger's TOU to remove it?? Haven't confirmed that rumor, though.

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