Thursday, 26 November 2009

Laci-Maree XML blogger template

OK, one more pin-up girl template (I promise no more for a while, unless of course you like them!). I know that not everyone likes pin-up girls like I do - and let's face it, they may not be perfect for every blogger, so I have also made it without pin-up girl


click for a live preview

The header text is centred and there is no image. Download below:

Please back up your widget data before installing a template!


  1. Please do more pinup templates! They're very lovely.

  2. I am in love with this template! I'm a published author and a partner and I just started a Romance Review site with an erotic reviews page...this was too fun and perfect! Thank you so much!

  3. Awww, thanks guys - so glad that you like it! <3

  4. I love love love the pinup templates! Maybe I need to start a second blog that would be "pinup" appropriate so that I can use it! :)

  5. Hi Sharnee, I love this template, but I am wondering how I can upload my own header for the blog title? What is the correct width the header image should have to fit perfectly? Thanks! (Email address is besoybrindis[at]gmail[dot]com)

  6. I've been wanting a pin up blog for ever but it's hard to get through all of the sites out there. I finally found yours. thank you so much!

  7. I love this template! Thank you soo much for sharing. All of your art works are lovely!


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