Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sites I love:

Here are some sites that I LOVE and they may be of use to you too!

Nymphont - Beautiful beautiful fonts & resources (LT Chickenhawk font is by this talented artist and it's probably my most favourite font, ever!!!). I am a jackass for not thanking you sooner. Love you work to the moon and back! xx
Kevin & Amanda - Free Scrapbooking / Handwriting fonts. Stunning!
DaFont - My favourite collection of fonts - both Mac & PC

Blogger things:
Blog Bulk - great with tutorials on how to do things in Blogger.
Adding Social Bookmarking buttons below your posts - very easy to follow.
Favicon Generator - generate yourself a favicon

Pattern Cooler -Fantastic background seamless patterns that you can customise and download.
Squidfingers - awesome patterns, free to use.
ColourLovers - nice collection of patterns but very good colour palettes.

.... more links coming soon!


  1. how do i get a cursor on my blog? thanks, x.

  2. I hope you will show us how to do our own buttons for our blogs. Thanks

  3. OMG! Your templates are incrible, thank you so much for save my blog to horrible templates *-*


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