Friday, 9 October 2009

Random Halloween - XML template with randomly roating header! VERY VERY COOL!

This is a special template! (very special!).  The header image will randomly rotate - I made 8 different header images and every time you visit the blog -- or hit reload -- you'll see a different one!  Certain to give your blog visitors a trick {or treat!}.  The header images were made with Evilz dingbat fonts.

Halloween is coming soon and I always get a few requests for Halloween Blogger templates! Since we don't really do anything exciting for Halloween here in Australia but I know I have a lot of readers who may celebrate Halloween or just people who want a Halloween template.  So here it is:

click for a live preview
(and then click again to see a new header!)

Please ensure that you backup your widget data, as installing a new template will wipe/erase your current widget content.
  • To download the xml template: click here
  • Preview the site here
  • Need help installing this? Click here

PS: If you press "reload" too quickly you may see the same image again.  Not to worry.  Just slow down champ and pause a second before reloading again.  If you're interested, I learnt how to do the rotating trick from this site! <3


  1. This is absolutely adorable! Thank you!

  2. Thanks Helena, glad you like it! <3

  3. Awesomeee, is great because it changes every time, very original :)

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