Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Easily adding your Blog list via GOOGLE READER (which I love!)

One of the biggest annoyances I encountered when uploading a new template for myself was losing my Blog Reading List from the sidebar (as installing a new template erases your widget data). However, I noticed last night that you can import your blog list from Google Reader!

If you don't use Google Reader, then I definitely recommend you get going and start using it! RIGHT NOW! I love it to bits - it enables me to easily add blogs I read (and manage them) and it's all linked to your google/gmail account! No more copying and pasting blog URLs into a widget and then losing it when you change your template!

Gosh, I hope I'm making sense here!

I use gmail and would never consider using any other email these days - I left my other email as soon as gmail came along 5 years ago. How convenient that Google also own/run Blogger too - this is how it's all linked and this is how you can insert (quickly and easily) your blog list:


2) Click on "Add a Gadget" in the sidebar of your blog. Select the "Blog List" one:

3) Click on "Add to List" (see below):

4) Instead of adding each blog by the URL (time wasting, anyone?) you can either add the "Blogs I'm Following" or "Import subscriptions from Google Reader".

You just have to select which blogs you want and then "add" them.

The "Blog's I'm Following" are those Blogger blogs that you've clicked on 'Follow' (like mine?) and/or you can always import your subscriptions from Google Reader. Using Google Reader means that you can add blogs from any blogging platform and not just Blogger.

This is sooooo easy!
Most other widgets are really easy to move across to a new template but this makes easy work of the thing I always hated doing. Yay!


  1. I hate changing my template cause I lose all my widgets. Thanks for this post!

  2. I wasn't given the reader option

  3. Sande: maybe you have to have a google reader account that's active? It should be there.... make sure you've clicked on "ADD TO LIST" to add them. xox

  4. I'm so new to this, so still trying to understand :) Are you supposed to upload this each time you change your template? and if so, you upload it BEFORE you change it, or after?

  5. Hi Jeff & Carrie: basically you can import the blogs you "follow" (via google) or those you are subscribed to (also via google reader). When you change your template nothing here will change, but if you suddenly follow a new blog, it won't automatically come through to your link list, you'll have to go into this widget and add it. Hope that makes sense!


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