Wednesday, 6 May 2009

You learn something new everyday (apparently)!

Ok, so here are three little things for you guys:
  • BLOG BULK - this is an awesome site (seriously!) which gives easy to understand hints on doing various things in Blogger. Go to the "how to" section and be blown away by all the hints and tricks. It's very easy to understand (unlike some sites out there *ahem*) and I only noticed their site because they have a link back to me!

  • Thanks to one Tamale Chica ;-) for helping me research this one: If you're having troubles identifying your RSS feed, then this is the address:
    (obviously you have to replace "yourblogname" with your actual blog name :P)

  • And lastly, there is always the Blogger Help Forum to research any issues you might be having. If you are having any problems or have any questions with your blog, then I would advise you to search for the issue first -- someone else has more than likely experienced it before. The Blogger help forum is very useful but some of the "helpers" there can often be more rude than helpful (especially if you ask a question that's been asked many times before).

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