Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Welcome to!!!

Welcome to - free blogger .xml templates!

I have moved here from! I plan on focusing on making some awesome blogger designs so please bookmark this site, subscribe to the feed via Feedburner, or favorite this blogger blog because there will be some nice Blogger templates coming soon!! Of course there are already quite a few on this site >> visit the "Design Gallery" page now to have a browse!

This also may be one of the only times I ask for suggestions, but if there's a kind of template you'd like (I do not mean a celebrity or anime character blogger template!!!!!!) then let me know in the comments to this post and I might just take your advice ;-)

This will not apply to 99% of readers, but please remember that my templates are released under Creative Commons 3.0 license (you can use them commercially and they may be adapted) you may NEVER upload any of these templates to another Blogger template site!



  1. So excited to see what you have in store for the site, & to see what blog templates you come up with next :) I've been looking for something classic & clean but not expected or plain lately. I have a blog to keep family members informed about the latest on my husband & myself, so something not too feminine, but also creative & fun! Maybe in a sort of Tiffany blue, white, & brown?! But whatever you create, I cannot wait to see it & try it out! Thanks again for all your work, it's fabulous!!

  2. Or maybe something Patriotic!! :)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion.... one problem (re: patriotic) though: I'm not from the USA... I do like Tiffany blue & brown together though.

  4. Oh yes, I forgot about that :) The Tiffany blue is a suggestion that works though! Phew! But really, I'm just excited to see anything new you put out! Thanks!

  5. I saw your old site & it's really amazing.
    You're really good at this. ^.^
    Right now, I'm kind of looking for a darker layout. Sort of psychotic like, but.. with like black and red colors and.. bloody?
    Hm, this sounds kind of wrong from what I pictured. D:
    Oh well, maybe your creative mind can sort this kind of thing out. ^.^;

  6. Hi, I'd love to see different three column wide layouts that are customizable through blogger's "fonts and colors" tab. Also, I like to use my own graphics for sidebar headers (label headers) but don't know how. My big thing with templates is that they are not customizable to most. P.S. I love the new domain name much better :) Thanks!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your designs, they are so fun and retro. There's a few things I'd love to see - more pink templates! It's my fave. :) But seriously, I love the retro styled templates you do, and I'd love to see some of them in pink. I also love your two column layouts, those are the best!

  8. Agree with ke-ki (:
    anyway, i like the new site & ALL of your designs! haha

  9. Hi, I just came across your site while looking for a new template. and might I suggest a theme along the line of Waking Up Famous?
    :P Its the name of my blog. :P
    I love retro themes.

  10. I have a blog dedicated to motherhood in all it's glory called "The Many Hats" and I would love something suitable for the joke - Mothers have to do and be so many things, but we should still be ourselves, feminine and powerful and fun and funky at the same time!

    Reds and taupes and fun and funky? :-D

    Congrats on setting up the new site.


  11. Hi Sharnee!

    I love your designs!

    You asked for suggestions and there is a certain design that I have just not been able to find but would really love to have.

    I would like a simple pink and white striped design with a large blogger layout like you have here.

    My blogger site is but I am just now getting it started. I did a mom blog for about a year but wanted to switch to a little of everything blog.

    Keep doing wonderful work : )

  12. I'm putting in a suggestion for something for the military (not necessarily red, white, and blue, though). Air force would be fantastic (hint! hint!)

    I also LOVE the chocolate and pink trend that's going around!

  13. I think that it would be AWESOME if you made an owl blogger template.

  14. Something June Cleaver Like. 1950's. Retro but Vintage. Classy. Professional. 3 Column. Larges one in the middle. is the address. I am helping a friend with it. If you have any ideas let me know!


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