Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Olive Martini - Free XML blogger template

Here's a cute olive-retro theme. I like it!

click for a live preview

The design works with "new" blogger - ie: it's an XML template. Please ensure that you backup your widget data, as installing a new template will wipe/erase your current widget content.


  1. this one is too cute! my dogs are actually named Martini and Olive, lol.

  2. this is the best web i can find for my new blogspot template and this layout is yummy! thx! :))

  3. Hi Sharnee!

    This is a very very cool template!

    i take this for my Vermut ^^

    kisses and thank you very much,
    Mary :D

  4. so cute and soft colour.Im lovin it

    hmm I'll use that for my blog.hope u didn't mind it
    thank's so much and smooch :)

  5. Love this new template, & am SO looking forward to seeing what you come out with next! Thank you!

  6. hi! I sent an email for you two talking about templantes the 15th of December .. I wanted to know if the compralos the only way! we do ..
    My blog is:http://www.lucidaface.blogspot.com/
    e my email is: nathalia_monte@hotmail.com
    kiss ^^

  7. Heey!
    I used one of your templates in my blog!
    I really would like to know if you liked the changes I already did.

    Thanks for all ;D

  8. hi sharnee!
    i've been using your templates since like forever! tq for all the cool designs! :)

    and owh, i would like to know more about your twins. if you don't mind, would you please post some of their photos? and do you have any personal blog other than this 1? tqvm :)

  9. Hi Suria,

    Thanks :-) My personal blog can be found here.
    There are pic and stuff.


  10. Hi- I'm using this template on Blogger, but can't get the "5 comments" section to appear. All of my blogger settings are correct. Maybe it is something with the template?


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