Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Problems with your Blogger comments?

I've had a few questions from people with their Blogger blog comments not working (ie you click on the "post a comment" link but nothing happens.

We have to check what kind of comments you have your blog set to as there are a few choices.

Log into your Blogger account.

You'll see a variety of options on this page. The one we need to check is the "Comment Form Placement". There are three choices:

  • Full Page: this is where your comments/comment box are on the one page
  • Pop-Up: this is when you click on "post a comment" and the comments open in a small pop-up window
  • Embedded below post: this is where the comment loads/displays under the blog post being commented on.

If you click on "Leave a comment" and nothing seems to be happening, follow these instructions:

1) Go to DESIGN >> EDIT HTML tabs within Blogger

2) Back up your current template by clicking on "Download Full Template" (you should always back up your template/widgets before making any changes).

3) Under the big box of html code, you will see a link which says "Revert widget templates to default". Click this link. A pop up will appear which says:

"This will discard all changes to widget templates. Your widget data will remain unchanged. Continue?"

Click "OK"

Refresh your blog and you will now see that the comments are now working.

This will fix the issue.
Good luck.


  1. thanks for the help!! i didn't even notice it wasn't working in the first place!

    welcome back! congrats on the little ones!

  2. nice work, nice post!thank you for that info.

  3. I LOVE YOU!
    You're a swell help!

  4. nice work...! but do you have another solution because if i use your solution my recently template can be changed to be default template(old template)..thanks before

  5. yeah, finally i find out the solution, without change my recently template. For somebody who have the simillar problem with me, i invite you for coming to my blog (available in Indonesian language, but you can translate with google translater in my blog to English language of course)

  6. But mine is not working. I went through several suggestions (including yours) but still it is not working. when I am logged in the comment icon appears, but when I logg of again it disappears. I changed HTMLS code (according to another suggetion) I don't know what to do. Please help!!!!!!

    My bogg URL:

  7. Dr Abdul: sorry, I have no idea why it still wouldn't work after trying that. Perhaps something weird is happening in your XML (you're not using one of my templates so I don't really know what they've got in the code -- go and ask the author of that template?).

  8. Oh brilliant! Thank you so much for this fix. I didn't even realise it wasn't working until a friend asked why she couldn't comment, I just thought no-one had anything to say! Thanks! xx

  9. I followed these instructions and my comments work in all cases EXCEPT if you select "Google Account" in which case nothing happens and you can't comment. Since "Google Account" is one the main choices someone would select I really would like to have this fixed. Any ideas? (I'm using the Change Me) template which is great in all other respects. Thanks!

  10. Hi Sharnee (this is a copy from my reply to your comment on my own site). I have noticed that if I am already logged into Google the comment works fine. The issue seems to be if I am logged out of Google the selection of "Google Account" does not allow me to log in.

  11. Marylin: it seems to have worked for me. I used Safari that I wasn't logged into any google account and it asked me for my log in and posted my comment. Weird.

  12. Hi Sharnee. I wasn't able to find any specific help for this issue. It's not just me that has this problem - I was told by multiple friends that they were unable to select the Google Account option if they weren't already logged into Google. I changed my comments to pop-up and it seems to work all the time - whether i'm logged in or not. As far as I know the people who all had issues were using IE - perhaps that is where the issue lies. It is too bad that the template doesn't seem to work with the embedded comments in all cases.

  13. thank you.. you help me..

  14. hey, i've got probs here. hope you can settle it down. the probs is, when i upload a new layout, unfortunately the widget that i have on my blog, is not beside on the blog post. it happen to be down at the bottom of my blog.

    i've tried so many times to change it, but it appear at same position.

    on the 'page elements', i can see that all the widget just right to the blog post, but when i view my blog, it appear at the bottom.

    can you help me? please :( i don't know what to do

  15. I just want to emphasize the good work on this blog, has excellent views and a clear vision of what you are looking for.

  16. hello, i'm using one of your adorable blog templates and edit it a little, just the margins and the backround image. i have problem's with "post comments" that does'nt appear after following your instruction and it seems to be the same. any idea how to fix it??? please help meeee...

  17. You rock my world! Yes you do!

    Thanks for all the help!

  18. HI - I cannot get to work, however I did edit your original template I think trying . I then tried to fix and somehow I have 2 comment boxes showing when clicking on comment - AND not embedded.

    I am thinking I need to start fresh with the original template and try the steps you have above?

  19. omg!!! i have been trying for ages to figure this out and your simple instructions made it work, thank you so much!

  20. a big thank you for your clear explanations and precise

  21. Hi, I was wondering why my widget, Disqus doesn't appear on my blog. Is it because the template I used was an old one?

  22. Hi Shizuka - thanks for your comment. I had a look at your blog and your Disqus comments seem to be fine.

  23. Hi.. Thank you for sharing those templates.. i'm happy i could use your template.. But i'm wondering, in my comment template, there are no reply button like yours, how could i make them appear? Could you help me? big thanks.. ^^

  24. very nice Guys


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