Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Important Q&A:

Hi, just a quick note. I got this comment on one of my old posts and I thought it was an awesome question and I should share the answer with everyone:

Love your templates! A quick Q though: are the ads I see on the previews a part of the template? Will they appear on my blog if I use one of your templates?

Thank you for asking that!!


There are no ads within the code of the templates!! If you use any of my Blogger designs then there will be NO ADS in there unless you chose to put them in yourself!!

In the past I have installed Blogger/Wordpress templates and the (naughty) designer has hidden the ad code in the template! I think this is disgraceful and I would never do such a thing! I do put google ads in my test blogs to maximize my revenue from these ads. I have to pay about $150+/year in hosting/domain costs per year and it's nice when you can make a few cents from the ads to help with these costs. That's the only reason I do it.

So please, rest assured that there's nothing at all in the templates that shouldn't be there!

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