Friday, 21 March 2008


Sincerest apologies to everyone out there for not posting a design in the last week or so!
I'm in the last phase of what is known as hell aka: "moving overseas for the 4th time in 10 years".  Luckily for me I'm moving back home (and home is where the heart is after all) so things are CRAZY and exciting, all at once!

If I get time, I'd like to pop another design up before I disappear for a few weeks - please please don't forget about ol' - just know that I haven't abandoned ship.  What a perfect chance it would be to join the email newsletter to know when more designs are made.

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I've received an exceptional amount of love letters this week all telling me how much you like my designs and appreciate the fact that they're free - please know that I love and adore knowing that people get some joy out of something I've created.  Yes, even if it is a blog template - I love the fact you've gone to the trouble to tell me how much you like it!

It just makes it all worthwhile.
Thanks again, peoples!


  1. Hi! I love your templates. My name is Lilian anda I live in Brazil. I used one of your templates on my blog:

    The name of the blog is something like "let put my lipstick first!".

    I don't know about the font I used in it. I would really apreciate your comments about it.

    I have another Blog, this one is where I sell accessories like headbands, errings and etc.

    What do you think about the lay-out? What would you recommend? I really love your work, it's what I would do if I knew how.

    Thank you and good easter!

  2. I still follow your designs! You're on my bloglines account and I get notified everytime you post a new one. I love seeing the diversity of your designs!

  3. I snagged your Zen template as soon as I saw it. It was perfect for the type of atmosphere I wanted. I haven't made many changes at all, because I love the design so much, and I especially love having so much room to move things around in! So, it doesn't look very different, but I wanted to leave my blog address so you could see how nice it looks and also to say thank you!

  4. I use your template at and I LOVE IT!! Good luck with the move...let us know how it goes...


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