Wednesday, 13 February 2008

What kind of template do you want?????

Hi there....
I have a feeling I am going to be inundated with requests but I thought I would open up the gates for what you guys want.

If you like one of my old designs (scroll down this page and look at the classic templates) and REALLY truely want it in XML then please let me know which one it is!

If you think you have a good idea for a design (for XML) let me know!  It can be a theme, based on something you like, a colour - anything!  I WILL NOT (and never will) slap some pic of a celebrity or manga cartoon on a blogger template.... so don't even ask.

A few things....
  • this does NOT mean I'm doing custom requests.  Please do not assume this means I will make something personalized for you.  Do not email me.  Please leave a comment here (on this post) with any requests you may have.  I can't wait to see!
  • Of course any templates that come out of this will be free!!
  • if a certain theme, old layout etc is popular then I will re-make it to the best of my ability!
  • I can't guarantee to have this done immediately as I'm SUPER SUPER busy at the moment (to say the least) so it may take me some time - but I will be as accommodating as possible.
  • I'm not an XML star (infact, I know next to nothing) so I can't do too much magic.
So... leave a comment if there's something you want and we'll see what's popular!!

xx Sharnee


  1. Hi! I love your designs. How about something retro with tattoo art?

  2. I do love your templates most of any custom blogger templates I've seen. You really have th taste. So keep working in your style :)

    what I had been looking for and never found was a super simple design. Like Sandbox theme for Wordpress. (do not like the official Simple for Blogger)

    have a nice day

  3. I love the wink wink template, however, it does not show a my profile pic. I am wondering if that is possible?
    Please leave a comment on my blog as a response.

  4. Can I propose you a gothic template? Something dark and creepy, but elegant and funny. Is it possible?

  5. I love your templates, they are so great. I would like to see a emo-goth-dark template, looking a like Burton style maybe =)

  6. Great ideas everyone! Keep em coming!

  7. You have THE BEST templates!

    I'd like to see something with lips or kisses. I think you could make that sexy, yet classy.

    Or a blog with someone talking into an ear. Random, I know, but I have a gossip blog.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us, for free!

  8. thanks for replying my previous comment,dear!

    ur templates are gorgeous, all of it!
    am still hoping the classic templates will b available in xml files soon.. =)

    more flower/girlish themes please!

  9. I like the fact that you make free templates!! I make custom templates and it sure takes MOST of my time.. I want to one day, offer free templates as well. :)

  10. Your templates are awesome... I'm currently using Reach for the Stars, and it would be great if it were available in xml...

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi I love your templates....
    I´ve been searching for somthing to do with crafts, maybe scissores,needels, oh.... and faries love them.
    waves of inspiration,

  12. forgot to leave my blog : )


  13. I love your templates!!! Dessert land would be cool in xml (and hey, was I happy when you did the 'cupcakes' in xml) - I guess I'm a sweets junkie :-)
    Otherwise I'd love something 'crafty' like Gina wrote.
    Thank you so much for sharing your great work!!!!

  14. Hi! I'm a fan. Your templates are fun to looked at. Bubbly and inspiring. *grin*

    If I can request a coffee-themed template... I know it will be a blast.


  15. Thank you sooooo much for all the awesome ideas everyone! I will try and work my way through these ideas!

  16. Hi Shawnee! I'm still looking forward to seeing the Retro Typing Gal design in XML! Thanks, Claire.

  17. hey sharnee! i think you are absolutely amazing!! sorry this comment is a little late, but i'm wondering if you'd be able to do something with flowers? or otherwise some teal/blue templates? thanks so much! once again, i think you're doing a fantastic job!!

  18. hi hi!! love the retro pin up look that you do! my request would be a sillouetted woman smoking a pipe. it's part of my tagline on my blog. "put that in your pipe and smoke it." i imagine what you could create would be stunning!

    thanks. i'll check back!

  19. i love this site! yours are the best!

    The four seasons... snowflakes, sun, flowers and leaves

    And for the people who travel a lot. it would be maybe fun to have like something with famous building like drawn or black, for example the eiffel tower, big ben, london eye, opera house, taj mahal etc
    i cant really explain but here is an example :

    or something with music notes or with

  20. I'm using your Heart to Heart and I'm patiently waiting for it in XML. Please! Please! Please!

  21. Damn, you have bright ideas on this template thingy. WOWWW

    Please I beg you, please if YOU Really Not Busy,why don't you create a New or classic version template and with a really scary film noir + gothic atmosphere. Feels not too dark but just ok ok. Just scary in terms of background and header.

    yEAH. One more thing. IF YOU do work on this template..I hope you just leave the header to be customizable.

    Ok. So that's about it. IF YOU can..please work on it. I PROMISE YOU I WILL ALWAYS COME TO VISIT THIS PLACE AND WAIT FOR IT.

    Cheers and Au Revoir!!

  22. By the way my email address for this previous post is

  23. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    Excellent ideas everyone!! You guys totally rock! I will try my very best to attempt most of these ideas (please be patient with me... it's just me doing this).

    Like I said... I'm not doing these for individuals - I'm doing them for - I won't email you when I have completed the design because - well - because I'd have to email 100s of people if I had to do that.

    THE BEST WAY TO STAY UP TO DATE with my designs is to subscribe by email. Then you'll automatically get an update!


  24. I adore your templates! I really want to transfer over to WordPress because it has some minor features that Blogger doesn't seem to have (like having an "older posts" or "previous/next" link at the bottom of each page).

    Ya know what's stopping me? I don't want to give up my SuckMyLolly template!

    Can any of these be used for WordPress or do they only work in Blogger?


  25. wish you would do more templates with 3 columns! ^___^

  26. Hi I love your templates very much. I need a fishy template in the banner there is a unique fish in the sea... The colours can be blue. I love blue. :) Cheers...

  27. i wish u couLd mek me panda templates . .


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