Monday, 18 February 2008

The Only One - Free blogger design XML

(click for a live preview)
  • To download the xml template: click here (zip)
  • Preview the site here
  • Need help installing this? Click here
The sidebar alignment is weird in IE6 and before - so this is recommended for those of you with IE7 - and of COURSE it looks fantastico in FF, Opera & Safari :P - if you're using IE6 and before then I may have to seriously question your sanity!


  1. Blogger says this cannot be saved as it is not parsed well. I am currently using wink-wink and given my content on my blog, I thought this one would work better.

    You may email me at beggarsshotglass at gmail dot com.

  2. It is not working for me either it says the same thing

  3. Hey, thanks for the message. Please make sure that you're trying to upload the .xml file and not the zipped folder (a common mistake). You have to unzip the folder - inside you'll find the template and the images. If you still continue to have troubles, email me:


  4. Any chance you'd ever create a 3 column "the only one"? Turns out 2 columns just isn't enough.

    Love your designs.


  5. Love it ! I use it in my new blog.
    Thanks :D

  6. Hey I love this design!
    Thanks so much!
    I hope you and your familiy are great! Thanks for bringing us this joy!
    Pinup girls make a great blog design! I love your work!

  7. i'm so loving this! thanks a lot for bringing classy, girlie and beautiful to the web! i downloaded a few of your templates, be sure i'm using them on my blog!

    i wish you all the best and lot of love! ^^


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